Zarjaz 30 – Out in the wild…

As usual I’m going to try to collate all the reviews of the latest issue right here. Starting with:

The Forbidden Planet Blog, where Joe Gordon says some nice things about us. Joe is a long time friend of the comic.

Everything comes Back to 2000 AD bring a review as part of their episode this week and following on from that John Burdis brings a more detailed look at the latest issue in a blog post.

Down The Tubes plug the latest issue with a cracklin’ good pun…

Sector 13 join in with a brief look at the new issue- for those who haven’t seen either of the Sector 13 fanzines, you should take a good look- there is bags of enthusiasm and the potential exists for this to be something special.

The Imaginarium is the first to get through with an actual review of the comic- and on the whole it is a pretty good one. It is worth noting that the writer of the review also wrote the ‘Spare The Rod’ strip in this issue.

If I see any other reviews I’ll post links here, so thanks to all out there for the kind words so far.

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