Zarjaz 30- Now available


Cover art by Dan Cornwell

At long last Zarjaz 30 is here! Another 48 pages of hi-octane thrills from the finest creators available, all wrapped in a cover by Dan Cornwell- one of Tharg’s newest droids.

In this issue:


Devlin Waugh- Somebody that I used to know by writer Kevin McHugh and artist Lorenzo Nicoletta.


Judge Dredd- Descendants by writers Robomonkey147. & Colin Clayton and artist Robomonkey147.


Judge Dredd- Interrogation by writer Gavin Johnston and artist Aaron Murphy.


Judge Dredd- No Good Deed by Edward Whatley.


Judge Dredd- Spare the rod by writer Alan Holloway and artist Dan Goodfellow.


Judge Pigg by writer Rich McAuliffe and artist Mick Cassidy.


Tales of Mega-City One-Madhouse Bop by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist JP Vilchis.

Direct link to the new issue  in the FQP Webshop HERE!

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