Bigger Fish – 01 – Now available

Available now from ‘Get My Comics’ is Bigger Fish, by writer Ed Whiting, artist Hakan Aydin, colours by J Francis Totti and Letters by Robin Jones.

Publisher Blurb:


Former soldier Mike Pereta is looking for work. His friend Danny Cortese has some, a drug deal with the Mexican Cartel. There’s two problems, the most powerful mob boss in New York, Danny’s uncle, doesn’t know about it. And the NYPD. They do. And they want in.

My opinion: Ed has been writing short form fiction for FQP for a few years, racking up five shorts since his debut in 2017’s Zarjaz 29. This is the first ‘long form’ tale of his I’ve read and it worked well. This is a well told tale of double crosses, gang fights and who is the ‘baddest’ and I think it will lead to bigger and better things for all involved.

There are a few niggles that could have been cleaned up with a tighter proof read and there is one sequence where the storytelling got a little muddled, but I’m happy to recommend this to all reading it here.

I know I’ll be back for more if the team deliver.

Zarjaz & Dogbreath — Back issues?

Sometimes a question comes along that just doesn’t go away. We’ve been asked a few times over the years about reprints of earlier issues of Zarjaz & Dogbreath and seeing as the print run is limited I’ve not really done more than keep the most recent couple of years issues available.

However, we ‘do’ keep getting asked about older issues so I’m saying here – if there is demand for an issue to be reprinted, then I’ll do it.

If you are reading this and there are issues of either Zarjaz or Dogbreath that you want to fill your collection (please bear in mind that I can only print the issues I’ve published, so no shouting out for the rare as funt Dreddcon specials) get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.

I’m not about to sit and order loads of copies of older issues, but if enough interest is out there I can justify getting a short run made.

Zarjaz 39 – Print issue

A print issue has been noticed in the new Zarjaz. Unfortunately the first two pages of ‘Bank Raid’ in the court of appeal by writer Robert Frazer have been printed in the wrong order.

Our apologies to Robert for not spotting this error sooner and this will be rectified in any later printings of the comic.

Velicity Jones – 02 – Now Available

After finding the mythical weapon known as The Godcutter, international arms dealer Mael Riqueti is set to take the reigns of the ancient secret society known as The Brotherhood Of The Blade – and anyone who controls The Brotherhood controls the world…

It falls to the world’s greatest secret agent, Velicity Jones, to stop Riqueti before he ascends to the ultimate seat of power – but with acolytes of The Brotherhood in every walk of life, Velicity soon finds she has nowhere to turn…

You can buy it from Comixology here: can buy it from Gumroad here:
It’s priced $2.99 on both platforms.

Personal note – declaring up front that I’ve lettered this and all other Velicity Jones strips. However, these are great little spy serials and deserve to be widely read. Many of you reading this will know both Lee and Bryan from their historical work for FQP so you know you are getting a good story, well told.

Now available – ZARJAZ 39

Cover by Dave Taylor

Zarjaz 39 sees Halo Jones join the roster of strips as we once again want to go OUT!

Other stories this issue include return trips to Mega-City one and the world of FLESH! Featuring a cover by 2000 AD droid Dave Taylor. 48 pages for a mere £3.00.

The full line up for this issue is:

Flesh – Leader Of The Pack by writer Alan Holloway and artist Ed Doyle

Future Shock – Alien by writer Graham Cannon and artist Eddy Lyle

Halo Jones – Flood by writer Robomonkey147 and artist Daniel Reed

Judge Dredd – Anti-social Behaviour by writer Dan Whitehead and artist Ste Pickford

Judge Dredd – ‘Bank Raid’ in the court of appeal by writer Robert Frazer

Judge Dredd – Dear Billy by writer Chris Hallam and artist Sinclair Elliott

Tales of Mega-City One – A Cold Heart by writer Heath Ackley and artist Dave Peloe

Tales of Mega-City One – Foolproof by writer Matt Sharp and artist Luke Haynes

Tales of Mega-City One – Small Fry by writer Tom Shapira and artist Sam Weller

STILL not sure if Zarjaz 39 is for you, then take a read of these two reviews:

Down the Tubes


Available Now from

Zarjaz 39 cover reveal!

Seeing as reviews are appearing (Thanks Al) I’d best get the cover out there.

Zarjaz 39 goes on sale Sunday and boasts a cover by the one and only Dave Taylor, highlighting the very first appearance in Zarjaz for Halo Jones!