Pipedream comics – Zarjaz Review!

The great folk over at Pipedream comics stopped by for a chat at True Believers the other week, and this is their review of the recent Zarjaz —


This is an export of a screenshot – but it is legible enough, right?

Many thanks to the folk at Pipedream for the review, Zarjaz 35 is still available, but 36 is due in about 2 weeks. Keep an eye open here for new of the cover and contents!

In Review – SENTINEL #01


The images here are my photos.

Sentinel #01 is a 64 page ‘digest size’ comic, written by Alan Holloway with art & letters by Ed Doyle.

I’ve known Al & Ed for quite a while now, so when I saw this up on Kickstarter I gave it a punt. Specifically for the option to get the Steven Austin cover. Remember that.


Sentinel #01 has a cover price of £3.00, and in all honesty that is great value for money. Alan & Ed have crafted an entertaining yarn, with enough twists, turns and in-jokes to justify the expense. I’ll be keeping an eye open for the second issue down the line.


That being said it is not perfect – There are issues with all aspects of the book in my opinion. There is one character who is only named 16 pages after their first speaking panel and only then in a caption. Ed has some anatomy issues and has fallen foul of adding extra digital detail to a character (presumably a kickstarter backer who has paid) that is added to scenes after the initial drawing was done, resulting in a very visible difference in line quality. Ed needs to work on his lettering too.

Ultimately what this project needed was a good editor to be involved from the beginning.

That being said, I genuinely enjoyed this and was glad I backed it. Quality wise it is head and shoulders above some of the early works I was involved with, so there is no reason that future issues shouldn’t live up to what I perceive and their potential.

I asked Ed about availability and was told:

“available from the Getmycomics website, Orbital comics shop in Leicester Square,  Alan’s Imaginarium comic shop, the Sentinel Facebook page and hopefully as a digital download on comixology but we’re  working on that.”

Google Get My Comics and then Indie then select ‘S’ on the bar, that should get you to the book.

You’ll see the original cover on the website – I opted for the cover by Steven Austin, Steven is a superb artist and I’m glad I did.

Fingers crossed that following the successful kickstarter and the resulting sales Al & Ed will have enough funds generated to roll into the printing for the second issue, removing the need for Kickstarter altogether. And fingers crossed they can take any lessons learned forward and just keep putting out readable, enjoyable comics.


True Believers 2020 is this Saturday, at the Jury’s Inn in Cheltenham. Tickets look to be £8.00 in advance and £10.00 on the day.

Appearing this year, for the first time – FQP! Yep, your favourite small press comics will be making the hazardous trip along the M5 to Cheltenham for the very first time, bringing visitors copies of FutureQuake, something Wicked, Dogbreath, Zarjaz and Neroy Sphinx!


But wait, that’s not all – scanning through the list of attendees you can also find:
Accent UK,
The Awesome comics podcast folk,
Steve Sims – (who produces the Beast Huntin’ Battle Badgers comics – you have to see these to believe just how good they are),
Big Punch studios (That’s probably going to be Jon, off of Afterlife Inc),
Dan Cornwell,
Dave Broughton (with new Shaman Kane, I believe),
Disconnected Press (You ‘do’ have a copy of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, right?)
Dylan  Teague,
Gustffo Vargas – His comics are just incredible.
Mike Collins,
Nick Bryan and finally
Timebomb comics – Some lovely lettering on their books…

Doors open at 10.30, so come along and say hi!


War Cars – New comic


Mallet comics have once again delivered us a slice of vintage entertainment that we were most likely not even aware of. Archivist, Bryan Coyle has finally managed to hunt down and restore this classic run from Ian Furman and Carlo Ferringo.

Now available from comiXology this is a welcome addition to the line-up from Mallet, certainly a publisher to watch!




Arnie – The Flaming Bag Of Dog-Poo!


Now available on comiXology – Arnie is a project by writer Joe Cervelin and artists Jackson Gebien and Denis Pacher. Stating right now that I lettered this, so that is why I’m plugging it.

Arnie is one of the more unusual projects I’ve worked on in the last couple of years, but it is a fun book that deserves to find an audience.

A direct descendant of the ‘underground comix’, Arnie appears light and fluffy but there is a heart to the book that is worth finding.

Get it from here on comixology.


Now available via comiXology – Something Wicked 2019.

For all of you out there who prefer to take your SP Thrills digitally, Something Wicked 2019 is the ideal solution to the post festive slump.

Gorge your senses on the very latest issue and whilst there satisfy your urges by purchasing the rest of the series.

Discover just why FQP is responsible time and again for the next generation of comic creators!