Zarjaz 10: Cover

Woo Hoo! It is almost Zarjaz time again. This issue sees a very special story from Mark Howard and Chris Geary: Flesh- EXCTINCTION!

To celebrate this tale we contacted rising Art-droid Leigh Gallagher and he agreed to provide us with the amazing artwork you see above you.

Leigh has even completed his own BLOG POST on the making of as well!

Zarjaz 10 is full to bursting with Thrills, so remember to check back here soon for more from the Galaxies Greatest Fanzines!

Dogbreath 23 COVER!

The rather wonderful image above will be the cover to the next issue of Dogbreath. Regular readers will know all about the adventures of Mr Sun & Mr Moon, and in this issue they finally get cover billing.

The artwork for the cover was provided by regular strip artist James Feist and is based on an idea by our very own Richmond Clements