Kickstarter – The Mycelium Complex

Now on kickstarter – and already funded, The Mycelium Complex is a new title by Dan Reed. I present it to you here in hopes of helping this new title succeed.

Dan recently contributed to Zarjaz – providin the art for ‘The Sentinels.

Dan is also providing the art on a first for Zarjaz, but more of that in future.

Velicity Jones Flies Solo!

That cracking creation of Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle, secret agent Velicity Jones, has just arrived on Comixology and Gumroad.

First published in Volume 29 of the digital anthology Aces Weekly, the character’s first adventure, Velicity Jones: The Devil’s Breath (reviewed here) has been re-packaged under the Mallet Productions brand into a stand alone one-shot comic, re-lettered by Bolt-01, with new cover art from Brian Coyle.

The Devil’s Breath is available now via Comixology, priced $2.99, and you can also buy it from Gumroad, too, for the same price.

All text shamefully pinched from John Freeman on Down the Tubes – the finest comics news service available.