Happy Christmas 2014!

This year we at Zarjaz have gone all out to bring you as much holiday content as we can.

Initially we presented ‘Santy claws is comin’ ta town’ by Lee Robson & Bolt-01, available now as part of the Zarjaz Daily.

Now we bring you a new Dredd short by Lee, and with art & letters by Bryan Coyle:

(As always- click to view full size)

Also now available:
Rogue Trooper: More Milli-Com Memories
the full strip by Richmond Clements, Dave Broughton & Bolt-01- as serialised over on the 2000 AD advent calender.

Also as a special treat, Dave Broughton presents his previous advent strips:
Judge Dredd- The Mean Green Machine.
Judge Dredd- Word On The Sked

Thanks to Simon Bennett-Hayes (Last seen in Zarjaz 21’s ‘Mega-City Missing and currently working on a Middenface strip for Dogbreath) for the cracking Nemesis image above!

See you soon for the first news of what is coming your way in 2015, and remember we ain’t called ZARJAZ For nothing!