Now available – Im/Purity

Now available via Im/Purity is a first for FQP, join us and discover over the next seven weeks and 21 pages why FQP is regarded as one of the finest small press publishers in the UK today.

Im/Purity is written by Martin Feekins, with art by Jim Lavery & Owen Watts. Letters by Bolt-01 round out the package

New Strip – Im/Purity – Exclusive to ACES Weekly

All Im/Purity art by Jim Lavery & Owen Watts.

In a first for FQP we are working with David Lloyd and the fine folk over at ACES WEEKLY to launch a new strip.

Im/Purity is a stand alone tale by writer Martin Feekins with art by FQP favourite Jim Lavery. Add Owen Watts on colours and Bolt-01 on letters and you have the first strip created by FQP specifically for another publisher.

What is Im/Purity about? To quote from the initial pitch I got from Martin — Im/Purity is a science fiction adventure in which a 1970s’ punk — and the whole future world — has to come to terms with the knowledge that time will run out for all of us.

Initially pitched for a slot in FutureQuake, it was clear from the beginning that Im/Purity was going to need more room than could be afforded yet it felt like a very FQP strip. The solution – ACES weekly.

David Lloyd has always been supportive of the work we do at FQP and was open to reading a pitch from us. Jim Lavery was a clear choice on my part as an artist who would both suit this work and benefit from the increased exposure ACES can bring.

It is hoped that this is just the first strip that FQP will produce for ACES, after all FQP has over 15 years experience in helping new creators find avenues for their work. The fact that all creators involved in Im/Purity will also be paid as part of the process of the work appearing in ACES is also a plus.

Im/Purity launches as part of ACES volume 49, starting on Monday 11th January. ACES WEEKLY is £6.99 (GBP) per volume, for a seven week cycle.