Bigger Fish – 01 – Now available

Available now from ‘Get My Comics’ is Bigger Fish, by writer Ed Whiting, artist Hakan Aydin, colours by J Francis Totti and Letters by Robin Jones.

Publisher Blurb:


Former soldier Mike Pereta is looking for work. His friend Danny Cortese has some, a drug deal with the Mexican Cartel. There’s two problems, the most powerful mob boss in New York, Danny’s uncle, doesn’t know about it. And the NYPD. They do. And they want in.

My opinion: Ed has been writing short form fiction for FQP for a few years, racking up five shorts since his debut in 2017’s Zarjaz 29. This is the first ‘long form’ tale of his I’ve read and it worked well. This is a well told tale of double crosses, gang fights and who is the ‘baddest’ and I think it will lead to bigger and better things for all involved.

There are a few niggles that could have been cleaned up with a tighter proof read and there is one sequence where the storytelling got a little muddled, but I’m happy to recommend this to all reading it here.

I know I’ll be back for more if the team deliver.

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