News round-up.

Hi all, and apologies for what might become a long post.


A lot is going on here at FQP that is just swimming below the surface. We are still wading through the scripts for FutureQuake & Something Wicked following on from the last submission window and the shout out last week for scripts for Zarjaz & Dogbreath has only added to that workload. The editorial team are busy plowing through the scripts and trying to be as fair to new writers as we can be whilst keeping up the standards we expect.

As well as that, humble (mostly) lettering & design droid Bolt-01 is hard at work supporting a number of other projects. Such as:


BLACK NORTH is a new project for 2000 AD writer Mark McCann and 2000 AD artist Steven Austin. Bolt-01 is on board for lettering and editorial wrangling.

Here is a short tease vid, and the project is going to be a Kickstarter at some point in the near future.

Early days for this, but it looks like this is going to be a heck of a book.


Lawless is the new name for what was Lawgiver, and May 18th sees the gig taking place in Bristol. Team FQP are putting together to convention programme this year, with a focus being on the works of the late, great Carlos Ezquerra.

We’ll even have a table this year, with copies of the latest and greatest small press comics to sell.


Brawler is a Kickstarter from TimeBomb comics and Bolt-01 has lettered two of the strips for the book. Also Richmond has emerged from the writing cave to bring us 28AR along with fave artist Nigel Dobbyn. This is something that we have been looking forward to for a very long time.



Exciting news update! Just had confirmation of the table for Thought Bubble 2019! Fingers crossed that we’ll have a full contingent of team FQP there!


Bolt-01 is also working on:

A book for Neroy Sphinx scribe Daniel Whiston collecting comic strips he’s written for his family.

Providing letters for Baden James Mellonie on a strip he commissioned from 2000 AD artist Patrick Goddard.

And finally working with a greetings card manufacturer to provide graphic design and layout for a series of cards.

Not able to show anything for those (yet!) but when we can promote, we will.


I’m hopefully going to be doing something like this more regularly in future, and sharing more images and snippetts of news when I can.

Zarjaz & Dogbreath Need YOU!


Hey there Squaxx- for years we at FQP have been bringing you the very finest small press talent we can find in the pages of Zarjaz & Dogbreath, but of late we’ve had fewer and fewer scripts to commission.


If this carries on then the next issues of both books could be the last.

So if you feel like you have what it takes to tell a Judge Dredd story, or want to chronicle a case for a Strontium Dog then drop us a line at either or


Zarjaz and Dogbreath are small press comics devoted to the worlds of 2000AD – both titles are not-for profit and exist purely due to the grace of TMO.


Stories should ideally be self contained and run 4 – 6 pages.