Christmas 2008.

In the run up to the holidays, there are quite a few of the talented folks who provide strips for FQP that send out cards. I’m going to be reposting as many of these as will let me as I get them.

First up is Neil Roberts, who drew Dulce et Decorum est in FQ11 and Beaten Path in SW04. Neil is currently working on a strip for this years Something Wicked

Next we have a pair of cards from Paul Carter. Paul is known here for his work on the Big If in SW02 and The Twist in SW03. He’ll be back soon in the pages of FQ in 2009.

Finally for now we have those scamps from Hi-Ex! which is where you will find the launch of both FQ12 and MQ07.


Michiru Morikawa.

Those of you who have been reading our comics for long enough will no doubt remember Michiru, she was the wonderful artist who drew the lead strip for MangaQuake 01, and also contributed to MQ02 before she became waay to big for us.

A couple of years ago she was commissioned by Birmingham city council here in the UK to create some illustrations for use by the council’s adoption service. At the moment there are public transport buses with her images on, as well as poster displays around the city centre. Last week one of the local newspapers carried a supplement that featured the images you see here.

Every time I see the graphics I am intensely proud that we managed to help present some work of this talented artist.