The Phab Firewalk- Today is the day!

Oh, crikey, what am I doing?

I’ve read the science, been reassured by the organisers, but the thought of putting my bare foot onto hot coals is not a pleasant one.

However, at around 7.30 tonight that is what I’ll be doing. This is my last call out for sponsors. You folk out there that have already donated are all stars to me, but today is the day. Please, if you want to help me raise money for an amazing charity that takes children with enormously wide ranges of disabilities and gives them all a week they will never forget then simply donate below.

Thanks for reading

Bolt-01 on MyDonate.

Coming Soon- Knock Knock!

Knock Knock is one of those rare gifts here at FQP- a strip that arrives fully formed. All this needed was a new lettering job and it was good to go. Whe you read the strip, you’ll see why!

Written by the returning team of writers BJ Fox and Chris Godfree and artist Johnny Hoang,  (Like Mother, Like Daugher- SW06) Knock Knock is scheduled to appear in FQ24- on sale in November.


Stephen Downey should draw Judge Dredd. There, said it. The art on Collectors Market is so good I am having to issue an early warning for Thrill-Power Overload! Seriously. Brace yourselves.

Judge Dredd- Collectors Market also boasts a script by Lee Robson. Maybe you’ll take me seriously now. This strip will hurt you if you are not careful.

Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 19 (assuming I can convince the printer it won’t break her machines) on sale in November.

Coming Soon- HAMMERSTEIN- It’s All In The Programming

Do you remember Transformers 2? The opening scene, where Optimus Prime drives out of a plane and transforms before taking on all comers? Well In ‘It’s All In The Programming’ you will see why Hammerstein would cause Optimus Prime to leak oil in the way that only a scared robot can.

Scheduled for Zarjaz 19, written by Steven Denton and drawn by Crow, this little beauty is a whopping 7 pages long.