FutureQuake 2017- Down The Tubes Review

Down The Tubes, along with the ever excellent Forbidden Planet Blog, is one of the most respected website for Bristish comics I know. So it is always a treat to read a review of one of our books.


Review of FutureQuake 2017

Thanks, to John as ever, for his thoughts an opinions.

Take a read and let me know if you agree.

Dogbreath 33- Cover

As is tradition here at FQP, we try to get actual working droids to provide the covers to Zarjaz and Dogbreath. So it was a real treat to get to hassle former design droid, now upgraded to art droid, PYE PARR into working on the cover to the new Dogbreath (launching tomorrow)

Art by Pye Parr

FQP spoke to Pye at the astounding 40th birthday bash for 2000 AD and he was all too willing to get involved.

Within a couple of weeks we were sent:

Dogbreath cover

Which, I’m sure you’ll agree is full of all the movement you could want. Pye wanted to add more elements of the cast, but only managed to fully realise Middenface and the Gronk before finishing.

Massive thanks to Pye Parr for the superb image and as always to Tharg for letting us play with his toys.

The final cover will be available in all its glory tomorrow when Dogbreath 33 launches.

FutureQuake 2017- now on comiXology


The latest issue of FutureQuake is now available via the comiXology service.

While still available in print- the comiXology edition is a more affordable edition for those not in the UK, priced at a bargain £1.49 gbp

Also available are many of the back issues for other FQP titles-

Direct links below:

FutureQuake 04-17, 27, 28, 2016-S, 2016-W

Something Wicked 01-06, 11, 2016

And MangaQuake is available in its entirety in two colossal volumes.


Note for creators- As these editions are continually available it is anticipated that at some point there will be funds to share. When this happens I’ll do my best to ensure that everyone gets a fair, equal, share of any funds forthcoming.