FutureQuake 15- SOLD OUT!

FutureQuake 15, the spring 2010 issue has sold out. If you were one of the lucky few to get a copy- then you already know how good an issue this was, and if you didn’t then that’s too bad.

FutureQuake 15 was also available internationally via the astounding talent of the one and only Gibson Quarter. The man himself came all the way over from Canada to attend the Bristol expo that year and he took a quantity of the issue back accross the water withhim to sell at conventions.

Thanks to all who purchased FQ15.

Coming soon- THE PRICE

Closing FutureQuake is a spot normally reserved for Neroy Sphinx, but seeing as how he’s in-between stories we present THE PRICE, by Derek Hamill and Dan Cornwell. This is Dan’s first work for FQP, but I can already confirm he’s working on a strip for a later issue. When you read this strip you will see why I’m keen to make sure this artist isn’t going anywhere for a while.