The Dogbreath Archive

We are pleased to host archive .pdf’s of the original volume of Dogbreath.
Founded by Dr Bob, the original volume of Dogbreath ran for 14 issues till she was brought to book by the GCC. As issues become unavailable to purchase they will be presented here.

Thanks to Richard Herrero and Ian Leonard for making this possible; and of course, Dr Bob.

dog-breath-01-page-00  01db02cover  coverdb03web  db04cover coverdb05web

Dogbreath 01   Dogbreath 02    Dogbreath 03    Dogbreath 04   Dogbreath 05

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Dogbreath 06 Dogbreath 07  Dogbreath 08     Dogbreath 09   Dogbreath 10

coverdb11   coverdb12  coverdb13  coverdb14

Dogbreath 11     Dogbreath 12   Dogbreath 13   Dogbreath 14