Over on the ‘Strip Archive‘ page there has been a new arrival. The Dreddheads are back.  These strips have been away for quite a while so it is with pleasure that I announce them returning. The strips were all written by Paul Glasswell and drawn by Bolt-01.

Here is a direct link as well

Job Dun- In the Dun(ny)


Art by Kev Harper

For the last few years I’ve been lettering the expolits of Job Dun, the antipodean anti-hero created and written by Mark Hobby and available from the ‘Ownaindi’ site.

I’ve just had this through from Mark:

Excerpt from Sik N Rex- written by Mark Hobby, and drawn by Adam Kindred!

“An Irish pub in Melbourne called The Drunken Poet has used a copy of SiknRex to wallpaper one of their toilet stall doors. Someone I know happened to be there today and took the pic.”

I’ve asked if there are any more pics to really show the stall off in all its glory! Apparently the Beano is on one of the others!

Job Dun isn’t for the faint hearted- but it is always a cracking read with some superb artwork.

Journey Planet- Judge Dredd


Journey Planet is a occasional fanzine themed around whatever takes their fancy.

Issue 39 has just been launched and the theme for this issue is: JUDGE DREDD.

The editor for this issue is none other than Michael Carroll and there is even a pair of features on the fanzines Zarjaz and Sector 13. There is loads of other stuff too, but I’ve not read it all yet as I’m enjoying taking my time with it.

Link to the main Journey Planet Page

Link to Journey Planet 39

Zarjaz 30 – Out in the wild…

As usual I’m going to try to collate all the reviews of the latest issue right here. Starting with:

The Forbidden Planet Blog, where Joe Gordon says some nice things about us. Joe is a long time friend of the comic.

Everything comes Back to 2000 AD bring a review as part of their episode this week and following on from that John Burdis brings a more detailed look at the latest issue in a blog post.

Down The Tubes plug the latest issue with a cracklin’ good pun…

Sector 13 join in with a brief look at the new issue- for those who haven’t seen either of the Sector 13 fanzines, you should take a good look- there is bags of enthusiasm and the potential exists for this to be something special.

The Imaginarium is the first to get through with an actual review of the comic- and on the whole it is a pretty good one. It is worth noting that the writer of the review also wrote the ‘Spare The Rod’ strip in this issue.

If I see any other reviews I’ll post links here, so thanks to all out there for the kind words so far.

Zarjaz 30- Now available


Cover art by Dan Cornwell

At long last Zarjaz 30 is here! Another 48 pages of hi-octane thrills from the finest creators available, all wrapped in a cover by Dan Cornwell- one of Tharg’s newest droids.

In this issue:


Devlin Waugh- Somebody that I used to know by writer Kevin McHugh and artist Lorenzo Nicoletta.


Judge Dredd- Descendants by writers Robomonkey147. & Colin Clayton and artist Robomonkey147.


Judge Dredd- Interrogation by writer Gavin Johnston and artist Aaron Murphy.


Judge Dredd- No Good Deed by Edward Whatley.


Judge Dredd- Spare the rod by writer Alan Holloway and artist Dan Goodfellow.


Judge Pigg by writer Rich McAuliffe and artist Mick Cassidy.


Tales of Mega-City One-Madhouse Bop by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist JP Vilchis.

Direct link to the new issue  in the FQP Webshop HERE!