Review – Comic Zine – 2000 AD special

cover by Ed Doyle

Declaration of interest – we here at team Zarjaz / Dogbreath were interviewed for this.

Okay – that’s out of the way, time for a rambling review.

Comic Zine – 2000 AD 1977 – 2019.

I knew this was about as I’d heard it was being produced, but it wasn’t till I was corresponding with Ed Doyle that I was prompted to pick a copy up.

You can get it from:  scroll down to find it.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this is a full colour title – with a decent spread of colour pages throughout. The content is all interviews and features, with illustrations spread throughout from a variety of artists. Lyndon Webb does some standout work and luckily he has his signature on several of his pieces as they aren’t directly credited. There are several pieces in the book that I have no idea who drew, which is a picky point – but a valid one. The artists would like recognition.

The zine starts with a really nice interview with John Wagner and Dan Cornwell that took place at Lawless this year, followed by chats with Steve Macmanus, Ian Gibson and John Higgins. Then there is a piece about the 1977 – 2000 AD facebook group and a kickstarter they are planning for next year before Alan Holloway closes the zine with an article on 2000 AD fanzines that we took part in.

Niggles – I thought the lack of credits for the artists on the various illustrations was accidental but there is a page of strip written by Baden James Mellonie and illustrated by Steven Austin that has had its credits removed. An odd decision, as this is just the first page of a three page strip I lettered so is just left floating there with no frame of reference.

It would have been nice for the fanzines to have gotten a ‘where you can buy’ line or two. I know that both us here and the chaps over at Sector 13 would appreciate the potential custom, especially as we were not provided even a digital copy of the book.

Overall I heartily recommend getting a copy of this – it’s a really nice read, and if the team put together another I’ll be keen to see where they go!