Coming soon- FQ 1-3 to the stripviewer.

Very pleased to be able to let folks know that in the not too distant future I’ll be able to add the strips from long out of print FutureQuake 01-03 to the strip viewer. This is where it all started folks and I’m very pleased to be able to add them to the volume of work available to read for free.

Butch’s Special: S/D Files Vol1

One of the new things we’ve arranged for in Dogbreath is to get Butch reviewing books. Some of you may well be aware of Butch only as the barman of the Kennel, the doghouse bar, but Butch is also a talented writer in his own right, as you will soon see from his reviews.

Thanks to NIGEL DOBBYN for the wonderful pin-up of Johnny & co.

Postal copies away!

And as of yesterday (11/10/08) all the postal orders and contributor copies received are in the post. If anyone out there has ordered a comic from me and doesn’t get it by the end of the week, let me know.

Birmingham News Reports.

These are the stories run in the local press for the convention. Remember to click for larger images.

Many thanks to all who came and said hi! I’ve already had to go to the printers for more copies- especially of Something wicked 04. We didn’t sell out on the day, but we don’t have enough stock for me to meet the contributor copies till Friday!