STRIPVIEWER: Something Wicked 03

The October 2007 edition of something Wicked is now available to read online at the FQP website. Boasting a cover by DAVE KENDALL this issue features:

Dead Air- by 2000 ad’s Alec Worley & Lonny Chant
Shouldn’t have asked- by Nick Andreychuck & Chris Fenoglio
The Beast within- by Mark Woodland & Bolt-01
The confronter- by Kieran Murphy & James Fletcher
The Hidden monster- by Ben Womack & Vicky Stonebridge
The Twist- by Robert murphy & Paul Carter
War diaries- by Terry Stock & Charles Paul Wilson with Steve Talaba
Withdrawal- by Scott Clements & James Feist
Zombigeddon- by Dave Roberts & Dan Kennedy

This is the only way to read the comic now- so let me know if there are any problems with the pages!

The Loneliness of the Runner

A message from FQ regular Christopher thomas:

As you may know I’m going to be running in a marathon in Tromso, Norway a week on Saturday (I make that the 20th June- Bolt-01). I’m doing it to try to raise money for the Stroke association, which helps stroke victims and their families in the UK.
Would you please sponsor me? Even if you can only spare a couple of quid it would be a big help.
This is the webpage where you can donate securely:


This isn’t the first time Chris has done this, and so I hope that he gets all the support he needs and gets a resonal best time too.