FQ13: Traumatised Astronauts- Components

Sometimes putting out a comic will be fairly straightforward: You get a good script, you comission the art and it arrives on time. Sometimes you don’t get that- which is the subject for a later rant. Sometimes though, you will get a complete surprise- like this time.

Traumatised Astronauts is a fairly straightforward tale. Chris- the writer, had delivered possibly (to now) my favourite script of his, and I wanted an artist who would be able to deliver artwork of sufficient quality to make this look as good as I wanted it to. So I asked Steve Denton. I make no apologies for liking Steve’s work- he’s a damn fine illustrator and he knows his way around a colour pallette as well. “So what is the point of this?” I hear you mutter?


Take a look at these.

Nifty huh?

These are CG designs for the space station the lead character finds himself working on, and Steve spent so much time on these that the strip had to move issues (originally for 12) to accomodate. It is nice to see that even though the strip wasn’t being paid for, Steve still wanted to deliver work that for me is of pro quality. Check out FutureQuake 13 for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Forum closure on the FQP website

As some of you might have noticed- we are closing the forums over at the main FQP website. This is mainly because the bloomin’ thing was dead, and also it was getting hacked again the other week. If you have any feedback, please use the email addresses.

Forbidden Planet Stock AWAY!

As of yesterday (23/05/2009) the stock for the national chain of FP stores was dispatched. Given that it is a bank holiday here in the UK on Monday, I don’t think the stock will arrive at the warehouse till Tuesday, but from then it should only take a couple of days for the shops to receive copis of the finest fanzines in all the galaxy.

Remember that these are only going to be available for a limited time through the shop- only till the end of August, so if you want a copy to peruse before you buy- make sure you don’t miss out.