ROK of the Reds, Volume 02 – ROK the God!



This was received yesterday and quite frankly says it all. Rok of the Reds was a favourite series and Rok the God looks set to be just a good!


Review – Comic Zine – 2000 AD special

cover by Ed Doyle

Declaration of interest – we here at team Zarjaz / Dogbreath were interviewed for this.

Okay – that’s out of the way, time for a rambling review.

Comic Zine – 2000 AD 1977 – 2019.

I knew this was about as I’d heard it was being produced, but it wasn’t till I was corresponding with Ed Doyle that I was prompted to pick a copy up.

You can get it from:  scroll down to find it.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this is a full colour title – with a decent spread of colour pages throughout. The content is all interviews and features, with illustrations spread throughout from a variety of artists. Lyndon Webb does some standout work and luckily he has his signature on several of his pieces as they aren’t directly credited. There are several pieces in the book that I have no idea who drew, which is a picky point – but a valid one. The artists would like recognition.

The zine starts with a really nice interview with John Wagner and Dan Cornwell that took place at Lawless this year, followed by chats with Steve Macmanus, Ian Gibson and John Higgins. Then there is a piece about the 1977 – 2000 AD facebook group and a kickstarter they are planning for next year before Alan Holloway closes the zine with an article on 2000 AD fanzines that we took part in.

Niggles – I thought the lack of credits for the artists on the various illustrations was accidental but there is a page of strip written by Baden James Mellonie and illustrated by Steven Austin that has had its credits removed. An odd decision, as this is just the first page of a three page strip I lettered so is just left floating there with no frame of reference.

It would have been nice for the fanzines to have gotten a ‘where you can buy’ line or two. I know that both us here and the chaps over at Sector 13 would appreciate the potential custom, especially as we were not provided even a digital copy of the book.

Overall I heartily recommend getting a copy of this – it’s a really nice read, and if the team put together another I’ll be keen to see where they go!

In Memoriam – Nigel Dobbyn.

It’s with great sadness that I write these words. Nigel Dobbyn, artist of so many of my favourite things, has died.


Aged just 56, Nigel was a true hero to me. His work was and is one of the reasons I make comics, from his early work on Medivac 318 in 2000 AD to the most recent 28AR in Brawler, Nigel was always a treat to see work from.


I was lucky enough to meet Nigel many times over the years, and I was lucky enough to be able to present covers from him on four of our books, Dogbreath 17 & 24, Zarjaz 09, 17 and the 2016 summer special, a personal highlight of mine.


Nigel was also the first artist I actively sought out for a commission. His rendition of Kid Knee for me is a piece I will always treasure.


Nigel was generous with his time, and always a pleasure to spend time chatting and laughing with.

pink gronks
Nigels pencil rough for the cover of Dogbreath 17.

Thanks for reading and rest in peace Nigel, our thoughts are with your family on this most horrible of days.



ACES Weekly – Velicity Jones is back!

Horrifically remiss of me not to have told you all sooner, but if you head over to Aces Weekly at the moment they have just launched vol 41 (really, has it been that many?) which contains the first week of the third adventure for Britich spy Vwlicity Jones by writer Lee Robson and artist Bryan Coyle  (both of whom are old friends of FQP)



This is Velicity’s third outing for ACES, she was also in The Devil’s Breathavailable in Aces Weekly issue 29 and The Godcutter Affair, available in issue 37.

You can read the first episode of The Silent Forest exclusively in Aces Weekly volume 41which launched on August 26th, and each subsequent episode will arrive on the screen of your choosing every following Monday for the next seven weeks. A subscription to Aces Weekly will cost you £6.99 – or £1 a week, if you prefer! Back issues are available here.

ZARJAZ 34 – Print problem and solution.

UPDATE- As of tonight (05/07/2019) the new copies of Zarjaz are in the house and being flattened ready to start posting tomorrow AM. That should mean that copies will be with the first orders by Monday.


Hi all. An issue has been identified with the printing on the new Zarjaz (34) that means one of the strips is printed at the wrong size.

Thankfully none of the orders received had been processed so this is going to affect only contributor copies and shop copies.

If you have one of the defective issues please get in touch with me here and I’ll get back to you to sort out sending you a replacement copy.

The revised file is with the printer and new copies will be sent out as soon as the stock arrives.


Orders from the FQP shop after #368 (30th June) are the ones to be delayed. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.

Available now – Dogbreath 36!

Art by Colin MacNeil


The longest running 2000 AD fanzine is back again and demanding your attention. This issue, in addition to strips featuring Johnny Alpha and Durham Red we welcome the Kev Hopgood droid as he writes a thrilling Middenface McNulty tale and Leigh Shepherd reaches the last tales in his case-by-case review of the classic S/D run.

48 pages for a mere £3.00.


Strips this issue:

Durham Red – The Giza Job by writer Matt Sharp and artist Gail Nedry. Letters by Bolt-01

Middenface McNulty – McNulty’s Law by writer Kev Hopgood and artist Rich Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog – Back To Basics by writer Daniel Whiston and artist David Broughton. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s – Spud Murphy- One Patoot, Two Patoot by writer Mark Keenan and artist Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s – Weyland by writer David Fenn and artist Adam Caudill. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s – What Goes Around by writer Matt Sharp and artist Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01


Available from: The FQP Webshop


The imaginarium – Alan Holloway reviews DB36.

Down The Tubes – John Freeman reviews DB36.

ZARJAZ 34 – Now Available.

Art By Neil Roberts

Strap on the thrill buffers and prepare for damage as Zarjaz once again raises the bar for what a fanzine should be. Alongside two Judge Dredd thrillers we have Anderson – PSI, Cover star Robo-Hunter, Bix Barton, Night Zero and the opening chapters in a Harlem Heroes epic! 48 pages for a mere £3.00.

Strips this issue:

Anderson PSI – Tom’s Diner by writer Matt Sharp and artist Gail Nedry. Letters by Bolt-01



Bix Barton – Rums the word by writer Mark Howard and artist Simon Bennett Hayes. Letters by Bolt-01



Harlem Heroes – Feat Of Clay by writer and artist John Farrelly. Letters by John Farrelly



Judge Dredd – Double or nothing by writer Mike Lynch and artist Jack Davies. Letters by Bolt-01



Judge Dredd – Iron Chief by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist Tom Bonin. Letters by Bolt-01



Night Zero – Shot Zero by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist Barry Renshaw. Letters by Barry Renshaw



Robo-Hunter – Guy Robot by writer Alan Holloway and artist Denis Vermesse. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog – The Bardo Affair by writer and artist Brian Corcoran. Letters by Bolt-01


Available from: The FQP Webshop



The Imaginarium – Review By Alan Holloway (note -Al wrote the Robo-Hunter strip)