Birmingham Comics Festival


This weekend sees the next gig for FQP. We are exhibiting as part of the Birmingham Comics Festival in the heart of the city centre at Birmingham City University, in the Parkside Building in a room called ‘The Shell’. The gig is open to the public between 10am and 5pm and is completely Free!

Get your free tickets from:


On the day itself we will have the usual range of top quality comics, including an early chance to get hold of FutureQuake 2017 and there is the possibility of a talk on lettering by FQP’s Bolt-01 as well.

it might help you to have a map in case you need directions . The following link will take you to the map page but there is other info on the venue as well.


Aces Weekly- Symbolism Rewired

aces-weekly-headerAces Weekly, the superb, web only anthology has just begun running SYMBOLISM REWIRED. A complete in this volume strip by writes Joshua Spiller, Artist Roland Bird and letters by Bolt-01.


Below is the first screen, from the first of seven weeks.


ACES weekly is a steal at £6.99 gbp per month- the anthology has been running for over three years now and it is well worth it.

Help wanted- Anyone want to greyscale a strip for FutureQuake?

Hi, I’ve got a seven page strip for FutureQuake that is all drawn, but I’d like to see the pages with grayscale on.

If there is anyone out there who would be interested in doing this, please get in touch. I ‘could’ do it myself, but I would prefer someone with actual talent…

As usual for FQP, we cannot afford to actually pay, but a contributor pdf of the entire comic will be your reward- alongside my respect and gratitude.


FutureQuake & Something Wicked- Closed to scripts


Thanks to all out there who have submitted scripts- we have had in the region of 120 scripts in this time, not including those who arrived late last night (and at least one who was too late). Of those we have read approx 50 and only 19 have so far been accepted.

The rest we will be working through in the coming weeks- so good luck.

It is worth noting that many of the simplest reasons for a script being rejected come down to the writer not actually reading either of the books they are pitching for.  All the titles are available in both print and digital editions so there is really no excuse. Writers, do your homework.

Remember that both Zarjaz & Dogbreath are still open to scripts- so if you have a 2000 AD based script idea- get in touch!

FutureQuake 12- Now on comiXology!

Cover by Declan Shalvey


  • Ambassador to the Stars(writer) Mike Lynch, (art & letters) Ed Traquino
  • Dr Heliopolis’ Box of Tricks(writer) Tom Davies, (art & letters) Chris Geary
  • God is a Four Letter Word, Jharlz Sparks(writer) Gareth Whitty, (art) Toby Philip, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Intergalactic Bank Robbing Asbo Aliens(writer) Martin Hayes, (art & letters) Jim Boswell
  • Neroy Sphinx – Cassiopian Queen(writer) Dan Whiston, (art) James Kircough, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Screaming With the Eagles(writer) Raz Greenberg, (art) Charley Spencer, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Survivors of the Apocalypse(writer) Karl Stock, (art) Gibson Quarter, (letters) Bolt-01
  • The Conspiracy(writer, art & letters) Adrian Bamforth
  • The Discovery(writer) Kieran Murphy, (art & letters) Paul Carter
  • World Conquest(writer) Robert Murphy, (art) George Coleman, (letters) Bolt-01

Available via This link!

Something Wicked 04- Now on comiXology

cover by Gibson Quarter and coloured by ‘gingerdan’


  • A Devil at Cards (writer) Mark Rush, (art) Gibson Quarter, (letters) Bolt-01
  • A Spectre Haunting (writer) Alec Robertson, (art & letters) Andrew White
  • Arcadia (writer) Lee Robson, (art) Paul Williams, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Beaten Path (writer) John Owens, (art & letters) Neil Roberts
  • Graveyard Shift (writer) Chris Lynch, (art) John Cahill, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Missing: All the Fun of the Fair (writer) G. Jonarth, (art & letters) , Mark Pexton
  • No Laughing Matter (writer) Emperor, (art) Steve Denton, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Die (writer) Nick Andrechuk, (art & letters) Charles Wilson III
  • The First Time (writer) David Swallow, (art & letters) Victor Moya
  • The Journey (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Chris Fenoglio, (letters) Bolt-01
  • The Kindness of Strangers (writer) Lee Robson, (art) Vicky Stonebridge, (letters) Bolt-01
  • To the Extreme (writer) Rory McConville, (art) Brett Buckle, (letters) Bolt-01

Available via This text link!