Zarjaz 11 starts to get Delivered

Zarjaz 10 isn’t even out yet, but the first strip for Zarjaz 11 is in!

Well, Chris Askham has posted a panel from his strip for Zarjaz 11 and he has also mailed me the final art as well, which makes his the first strip in! I’ve still got a page and a half to ink, so the strip I’m working on won’t be far behind!


Bit out of left field this one. A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by Richard McAuliffe and Conor Boyle with info on a project they were working on. A series of shorts for the four Dark Judges and were seeking script opinions.

Needless to say we were impressed, and then they told us that they wanted to have the strips ready for the BICS gig in October at the Brum Wastes!

Fast forward a few emails and now we are proud to be presenting a one-off ZARJAZ Special for the Event.

More news both here and at Conor’s blog as it happens!

Remember, It’s not called ZARJAZ for nothing!