1st Look- Tales of the GI- In the Zone

Now ready to be told- the third chapter in the saga of the un-named GI taken prisoner at the Quartz zone massacre. Last seen in Zarjaz 08, writer Michael Carroll and artist Bolt-01 continue to travel ‘IN THE ZONE!’

As part of the preparation of this strip, the previous chapters will be made available to read.

Sold out- Something Wicked 05.

Over the weekend at the Bristol Expo it was time to say farewell to Something Wicked 05. The final few copies of this soon to be classic issue were snapped up on Saturday morning. My thanks to all of the creators involved in this issue for all of their hard work.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I love Something Wicked. It is a totally focussed title and the only one of the titles we produce that we started from scratch!


One of the events of the Bristol Expo this year was the selling of the final print copies of Dark Judgement. I only had a couple left, but it didn’t take long for them to be snapped up!

My thanks to Richard, Conor and Jim for giving us two of the best specials it has ever been my ppleasure to see. And its nice to think that these may have had something to do with the recent return of the Dark Judges to the prog proper.

Cheers, chaps!