Dogbreath 34: Now available!

Art by Mike Collins

Available now via the dedicated FQP webshop- Dogbreath 34.

The longest running 2000 AD fanzine and the only one devoted to the world of the Strontium Dog.

Contents this issue:

Strontium Dog- A Safe Haven by writer Alexi Conman and artist David Parsons.



Strontium Dog- Black And Blue And Red All Over by writer and artist RoboMonkey147



Strontium Dog’s- Just In Time by writer Iain Purdie and artist Dan Goodfellow.

No preview image as it would be a massive spoiler!


Strontium Dog’s- Relationships by writer Mark Howard and artist Brian Rankin.


A welcome return to Dogbreaths own Daniel Doggett!


Strontium Dog’s- Stealth Mission by writer Luke Foster and artist David Broughton.



Strontium Dog’s- Unforgivable by writer Mark Howard and artist Simon Bennett Hayes.



All this and Leigh Shepherd finally reaches the Final Solution in his epic Case File reviews.


You norms don’t deserve it.