Velicity Jones – 02 – Now Available

After finding the mythical weapon known as The Godcutter, international arms dealer Mael Riqueti is set to take the reigns of the ancient secret society known as The Brotherhood Of The Blade – and anyone who controls The Brotherhood controls the world…

It falls to the world’s greatest secret agent, Velicity Jones, to stop Riqueti before he ascends to the ultimate seat of power – but with acolytes of The Brotherhood in every walk of life, Velicity soon finds she has nowhere to turn…

You can buy it from Comixology here: can buy it from Gumroad here:
It’s priced $2.99 on both platforms.

Personal note – declaring up front that I’ve lettered this and all other Velicity Jones strips. However, these are great little spy serials and deserve to be widely read. Many of you reading this will know both Lee and Bryan from their historical work for FQP so you know you are getting a good story, well told.

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