Reviews – Howie’s World of Comics

well, this here is a surprise. Over at Howie’s World of Comics there have been some ‘lockdown reviews’ of FQP titles.

Something Wicked 2019

Zarjaz 36

FutureQuake 2020

A decent set of reviews and I’m glad that in this time of uncertainty FQP can provide some much needed escape!

Thanks to Ed Whiting for pointing these out to me, and if anyone else out there finds a review that I’ve not mentioned here- please send me a link.


UK Illustration Championship 2019.

Hi everyone, and allow me a moment of self-indulgence as I promote the UK Illustration Championship for 2019.

It is taking place this weekend (29/11 – 1/12) down in that there London.


Why am I telling you this? My eldest son ‘GingerDan Illustration’ is one of the 32 artists selected to compete in the opening round.

Insanely proud that he’s gotten this opportunity and if all goes well, it will be a hell of a weekend!


If any of you are at this event, please get in touch as I don’t get down the ‘big smoke’ that often.

Post Thought Bubble Catch-up

Now that the dust is settled and the work of making comics begins to start again – it’s worth taking five to catch up on recent events and look forward.


Thought Bubble 2019 was, for FQP, a roaring success. We had our second best ever weekend sales (and considering that we just sell comics of either £3.00 or £6.50 that means we cleared quite a few comics) and saw several new artists join the team. Almost all of whom are now commissioned and working on strips intended to see print next year.

FQP continues to be a successful path for artists, with four of the nine finalists in the 2000 AD art competition being artists who have worked on strips for FQP.

We have also changed our print supplier for FutureQuake & Something Wicked, which has resulted in having copies of both FQ2017 and FQ2018 back in stock – get copies quickly as there are only a limited number of copies available.

We’ve added more detail to the shop pages – now when clicking on the issue you want as well as the option to purchase a print copy you will be given the links for the various digital options that exists.


Moving on, we have some interesting projects that we are taking part in. Launching at the Birmingham MCM this weekend, Richmond and Bolt-01 are part of the team the created ‘18’, a comic created by 23Red and edited by Timebomb comics’ Steve Tanner.


Richmond is the writer and Bolt-01 is onboard for lettering duties. The artwork is by Gary Crutchley and colours by Matt Soffe, who has also worked for FQP before going on the colour for Rebellion among others.

Apologies- FutureQuake 2019 delay


Hi All, there has been a slight delay with the printing of FQ2019- which unfortunately means the comics are not currently in residence at FQP towers.

They should be in hand before the end of the week so all outstanding orders will be processed promptly as soon as I can.


FQP 2018-2019 Quarter 3 Digital income…

Digital Funds- payments.


FutureQuake Press on comiXology

This is primarily for all of those of you out there who have contributed to FQP over the years, and specifically all of those whose work is available via the comiXology platform  or the ComicHaus platform


Comichaus Link

Back when we first decided to put FutureQuake and Something Wicked out digitally the decision was made that all funds returned would be split between the creators involved. The exact mechanism goes something like this:
• A comic is sold digitally- by whatever means and eventually the funds for that sale turn up in the FQP bank.
• The funds are divided down between the total page count of the comic to get a price per page.
• That is then divided equally between writer, artist and letterer (there are niggles around this that are dealt with as they arise but that is the general gist of it). FQP do not get a share of this.
• Finally this price per page is multiplied by the number of pages in the strip and voila- I can broadly calculate the payments required to each contributor for an issue.
So, catching up there is now an actual sum of funds in the FQP account that is to be shared between the creators for all comics available digitally at the end of December 2018. It is not a vast sum, so please do not think you will be able to live a lavish lifestyle on the proceeds, but the funds are there.

I am keeping a watch on the individual payment amounts due by calculating what some of the more prolific creators would be due. An example of this is:

Bolt-01 is currently due 1.68 gbp for artwork in the issues on sale.

Other creators are due more but to the best of my awareness there is not a single creator with a payment due of more than 3.00 gbp. If that amount approached 10.00 gbp I would seek that creator out in order to make a payment via Paypal.

If any of you reading want me to check what you are due, please get in touch and I will let you know what I owe you and we can take it from there.

When we get further payments I’ll post updated versions of this with a revised estimated payment so creators can decide if they want to contact me.

Thanks for reading all of this, I hope it made some sense to you and thanks again for working with FQP.

Dogbreath 35- Now available.


Cover art by: Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens

The longest running 2000 AD fanzine celebrates its 35th issue with a stunning cover by Stewart Davies & Darren Stephens. Within the 48 pages there are nine strips set in the world of the Galactic Crime Commission as well a special tribute to the one and only Carlos Ezquerra. 48 pages for only £3.00



Middenface McNulty- Full House by writer Adam Breen and artist Leigh Shepherd. Letters by Leigh Shepherd


Strontium Dog- Family Matters by writer Richard Mcauliffe and artist Jack Davies. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog- Man of the Coth by writer Tom Proudfoot and artist Jared Souza. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- By the Numbers by writer Kerchow and artist Richard Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- Crims and Arias by writer Richard Mcauliffe and artist Filip Roncone. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- indestructible by writer David Fenn and artist Simon Bennett Hayes. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s- Recreation by writer Mark Howard and artist PL Woods. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- Squirrel Tubes by writer Kerchow and artist Andy Lambert. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s- Thrown to the dogs by writer Matt Sharp and artist Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01

Available from: The FQP Webshop!


Down The Tubes

Thought Bubble 2018


Well, it is almost time for my favourite gig of the year, Thought Bubble!


As usual we’ll have a table heaving with the finest comics we have to offer, and the latest issues of FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Dogbreath and Zarjaz as well as a limited number of copies of the classic Neroy Sphinx collection.

Table from a couple of years back…

This year we are in the ‘Originals Marquee’ situated on Cookridge Street. We are at Table number 01, and we are next door to the lovely folk from Disconnected Press.


If you take a gander at the rather huge list of exhibitors you will notice that we are in pretty good company this year, so here’s hoping for a successful convention.


Remember, that many of the past winners of the 2000 AD writing and art competition have been published extensively in FQP books, so if you are wanting to see who is going to be a start next year, you need to be reading these books.


As usual the Gronk will be with me, ensuring that any and all medical emergencies are covered and remember that all sales that reach over £10 earth money will be able to choose from a selection of sketches that will be available (examples of which are over on the Instagram)


Drop by, say hi and treat yourself to the finest selection of Small Press comics around!