Post Away!

As the evidence shows- The comics are now on their way! This little lot took three nights to prep, and involved lots of help from both Micro and Nano Bolt. And it cost me £140 to post out, including comics to OZ and Spain! Expect the patter of thrill-powered packages from monday on.

Zarjaz 12 & Dogbreath 24 pimpery!

 In Zarjaz 12 we take the time to introduce you to Constable Dredd, as he walks the Cursed Beat in victorian era England. By Rich McAuliffe and Mark Chilcott.

Over in Dogbreath 24, we present Death of a Mutant by Mark Pexton and Toby Philp, which sees Johnny making a trip to MK to help police with their enquiries…

In other news- the post is all ready to go- all contributors and shops should have copies of the new comics by the end of the week.

Remember to enjoy Thrill power resonsibly- we don’t want burned out receptors.