DB21 Pimpery 06

From, Strontium Dog-Lunacy byAlec Robertson, Bolt-01 & Richmond Clements. This is one of those things I don’t like. When I sort these precviews I’m full of witty comments about them- and some of them actually make it to the blog, however- I hate doing this for my own scribbles. I wish I’d picked a panel that was more representative of the actual strip. sigh…

SW05 Pimpery 06

Confession by Robert Spalding & Bruce McLaren features an actual instance of precognition. Many years ago, Chris Rea actually dreamed the whole strip! However all he could remember upon waking was this panel, and it became the inspiration for his hit- The Road to Hell!

FQ14 Pimpery: The Sunday Special.

Today I have decided to do something a little different. The Chemical Marriage by Phil Rigby & Andy Scordellis is one of the strips featured in the new FQ, and as part of his prep for the artwork, Andy prepared a rather lovely pin-up, featuring most of the cast. I believe there is a colour version of this being prepared, but for now this is the best version available.

Forbidden Planet!

In my continuing quest to actually get organised enough to make a real go of this comics lark, I have for the first time, managed to get the Forbidden Planet stock away to them ‘before’ the launch convention. With a bit of luck copies of both Dogbreath and Zarjaz ‘should’ be available to buy before the end of the week.

These copies will be available till the end of March 2010, after that they are returned to me.

One other thing to note is that due to increased stock vigilance- there are going to be fewer copies of the comics available through FP. If you go to buy a copy and it isn’t there- ask the staff if they stock it and mail me if they have run out.