DB21 Pimpery 07

Strontium Dog- Short Busts by Dunk! Nimmo brings us two (count ’em) tales from the life of Johnny Alpha, and two of the more unusual cases he has worked on. How unusual? Well if you by a copy of the comic you’ll find out, wont’cha?

SW05 Pimpery 07

Welcome to the opening round of tonights show! First up tonight we have a hilarious feature we entitle -‘You can have an eye out with that!’ Ha Ha! From If looks could kill by Kevin McHugh & Neil Roberts.

DB21 Pimpery 06

From, Strontium Dog-Lunacy byAlec Robertson, Bolt-01 & Richmond Clements. This is one of those things I don’t like. When I sort these precviews I’m full of witty comments about them- and some of them actually make it to the blog, however- I hate doing this for my own scribbles. I wish I’d picked a panel that was more representative of the actual strip. sigh…

SW05 Pimpery 06

Confession by Robert Spalding & Bruce McLaren features an actual instance of precognition. Many years ago, Chris Rea actually dreamed the whole strip! However all he could remember upon waking was this panel, and it became the inspiration for his hit- The Road to Hell!