FQP At 10! the last hurrah!

Last week saw the Birmingham Comic Festival in Birmingham, and FQP were there in full force.

The FQP Table, now with added Gronk- Photo by Bolt-01

We were in a pretty good spot, on a corner pitch in the second row. We had pretty good footfall throughout the day and it was a pleasure to chat to customers both old and new.

Neroy Sphinx writer, Daniel Whiston pictured with his very own book- Photo by Bolt-01

The main selling of the day was focussed around the launch of the Neroy Sphinx collection as well as the latest issues of FutureQuake and Zarjaz and a solid days sales was had. The festival has already announced they will be back next year (2016) and if they are there, so will we!

In other news the draw was made for the freebie copies of Starburst we had and all the winners copies are now in the post. Thanks for all of you who purchased copies of the books in this time. 

As a ‘Small Press’ publisher we are heavily dependent on word of mouth for new customers, so if you have a strip in any of our books- tell the world. Ask them to email in to FQP central and ask about discounts on multiple copies, sketches and generally anything they may need to know about the comics here at FQP.

Next up for FQP is the summer releases- FutureQuake 27 is almost ready to roll off the production lines alongside Zarjaz 24 and Dogbreath 30! The next time we’ll be on the road will be ICE on September 5th where you will be able to meet both John Wagner AND Carlos Ezquerra!

FQP at 10! The Birmingham comic Festival!

This weekend we hit the road for the first gig of 2015! The Comic Festival hits Birminghams Edgbaston Cricket ground for a full day of nerdery and comics.

FQP are proud to be at this event and hope it is only the first of many.

Launching at the gig is NEROY SPHINX- Back in the Game, (as mentioned a few times recently) alongside all the latest and greatest from FQP!

Also attending will be writer Dan Whiston- so you will be able to get your copy of the book signed by the author!

FutureQuake 26, cover by Matt Soffe.

Something Wicked 10, cover by Jon Taylor

Don’t forget that a full range of back issues is carried at gigs and all sales over £10 get to choose from the sketches of Bolt-01.

Also available and of note is BLOODFELLAS. Written By Jasper Bark, with art by Mick Trimble and Aljosa Tomic and lettered by Bolt-01. Visit Armand Rosamilia for a guest post by Jasper regarding this new work.

Join us tomorrow for a fantastic day out!

Zarjaz & Dogbreath on the road!

This weekend sees the first gig for me for the year- and it is a new one.

The Comic Festival will be taking place all day tomorrow (Saturday 18th April) and will be the best way to get your copies of all things Zarjaz & Dogbreath related.

Zarjaz 23 cover by Mark Harrison

Full runs of both titles are currently available, but quantities are limited, so if there are any issues you really need let me know so I can bring one for you.

Dogbreath 29 cover by MMatt Timson

Always worth reminding folks that all sales over £10 can claim a free mini-sketch courtesy of proto-droid Bolt-01. Many of these are also being given out as part of the early bird goodie bags at the gig, but if you get a sketch from me you can choose!

Also available are the scrotnig Zarjaz postcards. All five of these limited edition cards are going to be available, either individually or as a set.

Finally, I am pleased to announce a special guest on the Zarjaz table tomorrow- straight from his posting on the Doghouse; the one and only…

Gronk! Hand crafted by Nano-bolt, this awesome slice of plush stands at almost a foot tall. 
See you tomorrow.

FQP at 10- NEROY SPHINX Collection.

Available now, NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game. Join writer Daniel Whiston and artists Johnny McMonagle, James Kircough and Dave Thomson as they chronicle the fall and rise of the one and only Neroy Sphinx.

Collecting all the strips from FutureQuake 04-20 alongside two new stories, NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game has been extensively reworked to fit the revised page layout and has been completely re-lettered throughout.

 Art above from ‘The De’Splurge Job by Johnny McMonagle and on the right- the remastered page with tones by Dave Thomson (click to enlarge)

The collection is already available for pre-order via the FQP webshop and will be the centrepoint for the FQP table at the Birmingham Comic Festival on the 18th April.

Art above from ‘Enter the Griffin’ by James Kircough and on the right  the remastered page with tones by Dave Thomson (click to enlarge)

NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game. 98 pages, US Sized trade paperback, available now for a mere £5.00.


FQP is celebrating 10 years since the release of FutureQuake 04.

The comic itself is now available as part of the FQP Archive via Comicsy

The first thing we are doing is publicising something we actually started back at Thought Bubble in 2014.

The latest issue of Starburst magazine features a page of actual honest to goodness comics, curated by Ed Fortune each issue for the forseeable will contain a single page of strip. The first of which is a strip by the title of Horror Stories by Jack Davies that is scheduled to be the back cover of this years Something Wicked.

We here at FQP have four copies of this issue and will be giving them away to a random selection of customers. The latest issue of FutureQuake went live for sales on March 1st and the Birmingham Comic Festival  is on April 18th (two weeks from time of writing) so all folk (Non-contributors) who bought a copy of FutureQuake 26 by that date will be entered into a random draw and four of you will get a copy of the mag. For those of you that want to join in with the opportunity the link to the FQP shop is here.

Thanks again to Ed and Jack for their help in making this happen.