Now available – ZARJAZ 39

Cover by Dave Taylor

Zarjaz 39 sees Halo Jones join the roster of strips as we once again want to go OUT!

Other stories this issue include return trips to Mega-City one and the world of FLESH! Featuring a cover by 2000 AD droid Dave Taylor. 48 pages for a mere £3.00.

The full line up for this issue is:

Flesh – Leader Of The Pack by writer Alan Holloway and artist Ed Doyle

Future Shock – Alien by writer Graham Cannon and artist Eddy Lyle

Halo Jones – Flood by writer Robomonkey147 and artist Daniel Reed

Judge Dredd – Anti-social Behaviour by writer Dan Whitehead and artist Ste Pickford

Judge Dredd – ‘Bank Raid’ in the court of appeal by writer Robert Frazer

Judge Dredd – Dear Billy by writer Chris Hallam and artist Sinclair Elliott

Tales of Mega-City One – A Cold Heart by writer Heath Ackley and artist Dave Peloe

Tales of Mega-City One – Foolproof by writer Matt Sharp and artist Luke Haynes

Tales of Mega-City One – Small Fry by writer Tom Shapira and artist Sam Weller

STILL not sure if Zarjaz 39 is for you, then take a read of these two reviews:

Down the Tubes


Available Now from

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