Zarjaz 31- Review

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Thanks to Rich McAuliffe of Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD for this review.


ECBT- Zarjaz 31 Review


And then over to Alan at the Imaginarium for his take on the issue

Cool Stuff You Will Like- Review


Don’t it make you want to buy a copy? Go on! Treat yourself to the finest slice of SP Thrills this year.


Zarjaz 31

Art by Steven Denton

Now available via the FQP WEBSHOP, Zarjaz 31 sees the first appearances of Torquemada- Grand Master of Termight as he brings purification to the masses and Button Man Harry Exton makes his debut in ‘Lucky Man’ by Lizzie & Conor Boyle. 48 pages for the incredible price of £3.00

Also in this issue:

Anderson, PSI- Facing Evil’s Past by writer John Osborne and artist Dave Peloe



Bix Barton- Rum Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em by writer Mark Howard and artist Simon Bennett Hayes


Button Man- Lucky Day by writer Lizzie Boyle and artist Conor Boyle


Judge Dredd- Descendants part02 by writers RoboMonkey147 & Colin Clayton and artist RoboMonkey147


Judge Fudge And His Pals by writer Matt Sharp and artist Jonathan Dhenry


Torquemada- Heads you lose by writer Lee Robson and artist Steven Denton



What are you waiting for- go buy a copy now.