The methods used in comic creation are continually surprising. PART OF THE PROCESS is one of the more unusual I’ve encountered. The art was done ‘before’ the story. Who The Fanzine? I hear you exclaim, that can’t work, but it does in this case. The art & plot were provided by Jim Lavery and the script was sculpted by Lee Robson. The results will be available for all to see in the next FutureQuake.

Coming Soon- Judge Dredd- Primal Scream

Coming soon to the pages of Zarjaz- Primal Scream. Witness the epic confrontation between Judge Dredd and Chief Judge Hershey. Discover the source of the fight that all the Judges are talking about. 

Judge Dredd- Primal Scream is by writer Adam Breen and artist Jim Lavery. Thanks to Jim for supplying these two images- exclusive to the Quaequam blog to support the release of this strip.