And now… A few important words

Hey fellow Zarjaz/Futurequakers,

My name’s Tony McVeigh, a fellow Futurequaker from Northern Ireland. You may remember me from my rather unsavory Angel Gang story ‘The Birthday Gift’ in the latest issue of Zarjaz.

Anyway, I’m chuffed to say I have a project called ‘Devil’s Music’ in Round 2 this year’s SMALL PRESS IDOL competition.

The voting that will decide if our project will make it to round 3 has just opened up. I would greatly appreciate any support that my fellow Zarjaz/Futurequake alumni could give me.

To vote you need to sign up for an account on SPI (it’s free of charge and of SPAM), which you can do here:


Then login and vote here: (just select ‘I am a fan of this project’ and click the VOTE button)

You can vote for the project once daily from now until next Wednesday. Every vote keeps us alive. So sign up and give your fellow droid a helping hand.

Thanks In Advance

Prog 1681- Tharg Pimp!

Forgive me for posting this so late- but this weeks prog has a rather nice treat for the contributors to both Zarjaz & Dogbreath. An unsolicited pimp. His verdant majesty, Tharg the action-figure Model, saw it fit to mention that he liked the new crop, and he gave special mention to the mighty Teen Wulf strip by Richmond and Kev Picture from Kev’s blog- Thanks, mate.

Julia Bax needs you!

Yes YOU! Julia Bax who some of you may well remember for
The Injuries of Mr. Indestructible,
Deadline &
Tides & Currents
has posted this on her blog: ZUDA!!

From the ever so talented lady herself:

I would like to announce that I, along with writer Brian Joines and letterer Michael Thomas have been selected for the April 2010 Zuda Comics competition!
Our project is called ‘Mr Trildok Sings the Blues’ and its about a demonic creature going through the woes of divorce. Its humor with a bunch of fantasy in a modern day setting.

For those who don’t know, Zuda is the webcomics site of DC Comics. The first place on every monthly competition gets a contract for at least a year, producing the winning project. And everyone can follow the story, on the website, for FREE!

The competition is decided by popular vote! Hence, my email. I would like to invite you all to read our entry:

‘Mr Trildok Sings the Blues’

And after, if you deem us worth your while, please take some minutes of your day and VOTE for us!! It’s pretty quick, you just have to sign in, get the password in the email they send you, then log in and click the big VOTE on the right side of our story. Also, you can also add us to favorite and give us stars for extra support. And tell a few friends and family.

I thank you all for the attention and time spent helping us out.

So come on! Help out a FormerQuaker!