EAGLE AWARD Nominations are open.

I’m fairly sure many of you here will already know about this, but the nominations for the Eagle awards for the year are open.

Eligible for the voting this year are FQ 10 & 11, MQ 06 and SW 04. There are some cracking strips in those issues and it would be remiss of me not to encourage you to vote.

The voting is open till the 22nd May HERE!

Remeber to vote for FQP, we’ve been nominated twice, surely this time we get something!


Normal service will be resumed shortly!

Been back from Bristol a week now, and I’m still getting straight and sorted from everything that happened.

However I need to start getting moving on things for the future, so with that in mind let me tell you of a rather earnest and enthusiastic young man who stopped by many of the tables over the course of the weekend. Dennis Morrison represents Zzizzl, and they are keen to provide a platform for comics to be viewed in other mediums, in this case Video! The preview he showed me was made from 100 Bullets and was very interesting indeed. Take a look and get in touch.

Bristol this weekend!

Final reminder that this weekend we’ll be at the Bristol comoc expo for the official launch of FQ 13. We hope to see lots of familiar faces and have a flippin’ good time. If you’ve not bought a copy of FQ before, why the hell not?

Spring Previews 05:

Slaine- Ukko the god by Al Nolan

Slaine- A Deep Abyss by Richmond Clements & Nick Dyer

Whistler by some hack

Berserker by Richmond Clements & Steve Hills

I’ll also have a few copies of the covers printed up as A3 posters for those who are interested. Only £2 each.

Post Update!

Yesterday I collected the new stock from the printers and spent the rest of the night sorting all the pre-orders. If you have ordered anything from me before yesterday (05/05/2009) it is all ready for the post and I plan on dropping it off before the weekend.