Judge Dredd – Cal’s Arena

Rewind time to late 2014 – and in the pages of Zarjaz 24, you will find Judge Dredd – Cal’s Arena by Steven Austin & Mike Lynch. This was a pretty important strip for us at team Zarjaz, as Steven had been steadily submitting to Tharg (‘TMO’) for a while and was making steady progress in becoming a droid.

This strip grew out of an Entry Steven made to the 2000 AD messageboard art competition and it was a delight to have it in Zarjaz.


What could be better? Well how about presenting the strip in full colour?


Judge Dredd – Cal’s Arena

While here – check out theĀ FQP Strip Archive for more strips from the FQP Archive.

Award nomination! Matinee

Word has reached us via writer Emmet O’Cuana that Matinee, the short created by him and artist David Parsons has reached the finals of the 2019 Australian Shadows Awards!


Matinee was one of the fine strips in Something Wicked 2019 – still available!

Good luck to Emmet and David, this is a fine strip and we are very pleased to see it doing well in this forum.

New comic – FABLES OF FEAR!


Here’s a thing! Two of my favourite creators for FQP have gotten together and produced a comic of their very own!

FABLES OF FEAR is by writer Karl Brandt and artist David Parsons – both of whom have produced many strips for FQP over the years but now they are working together!

Available from comiXology the book contains 3, full colour tales, including a new version of Jotun Fury from Something Wicked 2017.

Hightly recommended, this slim volume hopefully showcases the start of something more to come!

Zarjaz 36 – Out of Stock – temporarily


Hi all, due to the ongoing Zombie Apocalypse… pandemic, I’m unable to get my customary restock of Zarjaz.

Please rest assured that once the last walker has been put-down… printer gets back to work I’ll be restocking and letting you all know.

This is merely the first issue to be affected, there are other issues that are getting perilously close to being sold out, so if there is a small press shaped hole in your reading pile – you should sort that itch NOW!


Comichaus – SIX weeks for Free!

Well, this is nice. Those top chaps over at comichaus have just dropped a code to allow a free month of access to the comic reading app.


“Hi Everybody.
Hope you are all staying safe and sane.

Have a free month of Comichaus on us!
We have set up a code to allow users a free month. New users will get a free 14 day fee trial AND the extra month. Small token to help alleviate the boredom of being isolated!

Use code: COVID19 when your current subscription runs out
Hundreds of indie comics direct from creators for you to enjoy :)”


There you have it. I’ve been a regular reader over at comichaus since it began and there is a wealth of titles to explore – including a load of FQP product.

It is worth noting that each ‘view’ of a title will result in some funds for the creators – and ultimately this is set to reach those creatives as a thank you for their work on FQP titles.


Stay safe and we’ll all get through this.