Dogbreath 25 & Zarjaz 14- Linkfest!

Got a bit of time so here are the links I’ve had so far regarding the latest issues:

Starting with this! from Mike Lynch, then onto this, this and this too from Chris Askham, which contains this awesome image comparison amongst other things…

Next up we have Derek Hamill  and George Coleman talking about this gentleman…

before he sneaks this one out, what on earth could this be for?

Next up is link to the blog of the one and only Lee Robson where he talks about the Devlin Waugh strip that opens Zarjaz 14 as well as working with Simon Bennett-Hayes on ‘BEST SERVED COLD’ over in Dogbreath 25.

Also in Dogbreath, Greg Meldrum and David Broughton bring us a tale featuring Doc Death, he of BITCH fame.

I’m sure there must be plenty more out there so if you have done a blog piece about either Zarjaz or Dogbreath then please send me a link and I’ll get it added!

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