Cardiff 2012: Surrealism at work…

Been up to my eyes just lately in the real world, so I’ve not really had chance to say how uch fun it was at Cardiff the other week. Mike Allwood and his team of complete professionals made it a joy to attend for the weekend and I’m already planning on being back again next year.

Of the many things that happened over the weekend, possibly the strangest involves this moment…

The amazing Mick McMahon was sketching over the course of the weekend, and one of the sketches he was asked for was of Mongrol from the ABC Warriors. Mick asked for ref of the character, and so the shot here is of Mick McMahon drawing a shot of Mongrol using a page from a strip I drew as ref. When I drew that page (indeed that entire Strip) it was Mick’s work I had in front of me to refer to. A total PWEI moment for me, but the recipient of the sketch was more than happy.

I also got to Sketch Mongrol over the weekend- you’ve gotta love that droid!

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