Art by Neil Roberts

Cover artist Neil Roberts brings us the latest look in law enforcement as Peeps the droid delivers yet another issue of Zarjaz. Guest writer Jim Alexander and 2000 AD Thought Bubble art competition winner 2014 Daniel Dwyer join the creators as we bring you another selection of Tales from Thargs toy box.

48 pages for the astounding price of £3.00


Strips inside this issue:

Judge Dredd- The Hold out. Written by Mike Lynch. Art by Chris Askham. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Chris Askham


Lobster Random- Snippety Snap. Written by James Alexander. Art by Neil Sims. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Neil Sims


Slaine- Godhead. Written by David Fenn. Art by Sam Weller. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Sam Weller


Tales Of Mega-City One- HowIMetMary. Written by Ryan Hickling. Art by Norrie Millar. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Norrie Millar


Tales Of Mega-City One- Law In Exile. Written by Santiago Mayaud. Art by Daniel Dwyer. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Daniel Dwyer


Tales Of The Black Museum- The Last Constable. Written by Jim Alexander. Art by PL Woods. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by PL Woods


The V. C.’s- Raid On Caliban. Written by Matt Sharp. Art & Letters by David Broughton



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