Dogbreath 31- Strontium Dog’s- DogBreath the Dog- Rubbish

Strontium Dog’s- DogBreath the Dog- Rubbish 

Art by Bolt-01– click to see a larger version.

Today we welcome a new character to the pages: Danny Doggett, the unluckiest dog in the Kennel. how unlucky? If you read Rubbish, in Dogbreath 31, you’ll get a pretty good idea. The (Mis) Adventures of Dogbreath the dog is by writer Mark Howard and artist Bolt-01. 

Dogbreath 31 is available now at: The FQP Webshop.

Join us tomorrow as we move back to Zarjaz and don’t forget, every comic purchased between now and the end of April will enter you into the raffle to win a Strontium Dog Badge courtesy of Planet Replicas.

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