FutureQuake 11 & Something Wicked 03- Now on comiXology

Art by Neil Pettitt

FutureQuake 11 contains:

  • Collectors Piece (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Tim Twelves
  • Dulce et Decorum Est (writer) Paul Glasswell, (art) Neil Roberts
  • Field Trip (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Chris Fenoglio
  • Imaginary Friends (writer) Dan the Emperor, (art) Neil Pettitt
  • Infinity Battle (writer) Chris Stiefvater Thomas, (art & letters) Panos Kamoulakos
  • Last Squad (writer) Rob Spalding, (art) Brett Buckle
  • Lazarus Falls (writer) Kevin McHugh, (art & letters) Caroline Parkinson
  • Rank and File (writer) Mike Moreci, (art & letters) Keith Burns
  • Spare Parts (writer & letters) Dave Hailwood , (art) Tony Suleri
  • Superhero Shorts- The Audition (writer) Mark Smith, (art) Owen Watts
  • Waste of Time (writer & letters) Dave Hailwood , (art) Tony Suleri
Art By Dave Kendall

Something Wicked 03 contains:

  • The Beast Within Writer: Mark Woodland Art: Bolt-01
  • Shouldn’t Have Asked Writer: Nick Andreychuck Art: Chris Fenoglio
  • The Twist Writer: Robert Murphy Art: Paul Carter
  • Withdrawal Writer: Scott Clements Art: James Feist
  • War Diaries Writer: Terry Stock Art: Charles Paul Wilson & Steve Talaba
  • The Hidden monster Writer: Ben Womack Art: Vicky Stonebridge
  • Dead Air Writer: Alec Worley Art: Lonny Chant
  • The Confronter Writer: Kieran Murphy Art: James Fletcher
  • Zombigeddon Writer: Dave Roberts Art: Dan Kennedy

Both issues available along with many others from the FQP comiXology page.

FutureQuake 09 & 10- Now on comiXology

Art by Ed Traquino

FutureQuake 09 contains strip work by:

Christopher Thomas & Andrew White

Robert Spalding & Brett Buckle

Alec Worley & Brian Janchez

Lee Robson & Bryan Coyle

Eddie Robson & Chris Geary

Phil Rigby & Ed Traquino

The Emperor & George Coleman

Dave Roberts & James Feist

Daniel Whiston & Johnny McMonagle

Dave Roberts & Owen Watts

Kevin McHugh & Peter Anckorn.

Art By Adrian Bamforth

FutureQuake 10 contains strip work by:

David Tellerman & Adrian Bamforth

Derek Hamill & Andy Scordellis

Dave Roberts & Bolt-01

Paul Scott & Chris Geary

Daniel Whiston & James Kircough

Alex Wilson & Shaun Gardiner

Greame Cluskey & Simon Penter

Paul Glasswell & Simon Penter

Kevin McHugh & Tim Rees

Dave Hailwood & Tony Suleri

Both issues available along with many other from the FQP comiXology page.

Something Wicked 02- NOW on comiXology

Art by Julia Bax

Now available once again!

Something Wicked 02 contains strip work by Dan Hill & Brett Buckle, Dean McDowell, Lee Robson & Dunk! Nimmo, James Mackay & Gibson Quarter, Graham Plowman, Chris Chapman & James McEwan, Ed Berridge & Keith Burns, Al Ewing & Paul Carter, Chris Thomas & Steven Denton and Nick Andreychuk & Tim Twelves.

All for an amazingly low price of £0.69 or $0.99 depending on where you live!

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TRUE BELIEVERS Comic con 2017

Website: http://oktruebelievers.com/

Reason I’m posting this is simple- it will be a great opportunity for all of you out there to go and meet comic creators and other fans.


David Broughton will be at Table A13 and that I will be giving away FREE with sales of my comics prints of this artwork + original preliminary sketches used for the #27 Zarjaz VC’s story. Only 3 sets left one has gone already.

David sent me pics of the sets, and if I was going I’be making a beeline for these- David is a storytelling monster and always good for a chat. This was my fave:


Another table to visit is #C11 (no idea where these will be in the hall, but the TB website has a handy map) where you’ll find Owen & Jazz promoting the latest issue of the The Psychedelic Journal! This time it is all about the wild, wild west!


FutureQuake 08- Now on comiXology

Cover by Bolt-01 & Richmond Clements

Now available once again! FutureQuake 08 contains strip work by Kevin McHugh & Bolt-01, Adrian Bamforth, Lee Robson & Brian Janchez, Dan Whiston & James Kircough, Derek Hamill & Martin Timmins, Lee Robson & Mick Trimble, William Ward & Randy Kintz, Nick Andreychuk & Shaun Gardiner, Phil Rigby & Simeon Aston and Kieran Murphy & Will Sliney!

All for an amazingly low price of £0.69 or $0.99 depending on where you live

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FutureQuake & Something Wicked- OPEN for scripts



FQP are pleased to announce that from today till Friday 31st March both FutureQuake and Something Wicked are open to script submissions.
If you want to take a shot at getting a script in front of some of the finest artists in the small press, now is your chance.
However, we will be closing at the end of March so don’t delay. All scripts will be read in the order of arrival. Multiple script submissions are welcome but remember that FQP publish anthologies, so no serials. Good luck.