FutureQuake 2019 – the digital edition

FutureQuake 2019 on comiXology


The link above takes you to comiXology where it gives you more info on the comic, as well as the option to pick up back issues.

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Stocks Away! FQ2019 in the post!

Quick update to say that as of about 15 minutes ago the first wave of FQ2019 has gone in the post! By Saturday all outstanding orders will be filled.


FutureQuake 2019- Available now!

FutureQuake 2019 arrives to shock, surprise and scintillate as only the finest Small Press anthology can. Over 20 strips featuring the most astounding array of talent combining to bring you a whopping 100 pages for only £6.50- available here!


Because It’s There by writer Matthew Hockey and artist Michael Walters. Letters by Bolt-01
Cereal Wars by writer Ryan Haack and artist Tom Barton. Letters by Tom Barton
Diabolical Device of Doctor Undermind by writer Matt Sharp and artist Richard Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01
Fax Man & Robbing by writer Chris Redfern and artist Luke Kemp-James. Letters by Bolt-01
Fragile Vessels by writer Mark McCann and artist David Yeh. Letters by Bolt-01
Infernal Technology by writer Drew Dillon and artist Michael Walters. Letters by Bolt-01
Insidious Invention of Doctor Undermind by writer Matt Sharp and artist Richard Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01
Mika and the god heart by writer Tim West and artist Rafael Romeo Magat. Letters by Rafael Romeo Magat
NeroySphinx-Junkyard Shopping by writer Daniel Whiston and artist Dave Thomson. Letters by Bolt-01
On the ledge by writer Thomas Trang and artist J.P. Vilchis. Letters by Bolt-01
Plot Hole by writer Lawrence Rider and artist Sinclair Elliott. Letters by Bolt-01
Resignation Notice by writer Brian Pearlman and artist Miguel Echemendia. Letters by Miguel Echemendia
Starship SOS by writer Ant Garnon and artist Alex Paterson. Letters by Bolt-01
Temple of the Giant by writer Joshua Spiller and artist Mike Bunt. Letters by Bolt-01
The Farm by writer Lee Robson and artist Brett Burbridge. Letters by Bolt-01
The Future Is Actually Pretty Great by writer Alexi Conman and artist Scott Twells (with colour by Owen Watts). Letters by Bolt-01
The Gods Thought Otherwise by writer Stephen Frame and artist Richard Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01
The Tale of the Privy by writer Dan Whiston and artist Will Pickering. Letters by Will Pickering
The Way of the dinosaur by writer Adam Breen and artist Anthony Summey. Letters by Anthony Summey
Tito’s Homegrown by writer Gilbert Smith and artist Jim Lavery. Letters by Bolt-01
Too Much Like HARD Work by writer Dan Pollard and artist Dan Goodfellow. Letters by Bolt-01


Remember that print copies are limited- the last 2 issues of FQ have both sold out and these days print costs make small runs prohibitively pricey. Get yourself a copy while you can.

FutureQuake 2018- Now available

Art by Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton

Available now via the dedicated FQP Webshop- FutureQuake 2018

FutureQuake is back to brighten the boring, Inspire the indolent and render the jaded jubilant! Within the latest incredible issue witness a titanic 20 possible futures including the return of the one and only Neroy Sphinx. All within a cover by Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton.

All of this for the incredible price of £6.50. Trade paperback format.

Contents this issue:


A Strange Thing Happened By Writer Alexi Conman and artist Scott Twells.


Concept Smith By Writer Dick Jillings and artist David Parsons.


Creation By Writer and artist RoboMonkey147


How the other half Live By Writer Joseph Matthews and artist Jack Davies


Hunting Season By Writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Paul Williams


Hyperthymesia By Writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Luke Kemp-James


Last March Of The Aurochs By Writer Lawrence Rider and artist Jonathan Scott


Magnificent By Writer Michael J Lyle and artist Richard Waugh


Misery Business By Writer Tim west and artist Jerome Canty


Ned’s World By Writer James Hawkins and artist Jose Luis Conde


Neroy Sphinx- TheTrainJob By Writer Daniel Whiston and artist Dave Thomson


Omphalos By Writer Nathan Mcwhinnie and artist Rafael Romeo Magat


Overturn By Writer and artist Matt Chinn


The Last Wizard By Writer Matt Sharp and artist Brian Corcoran


The Morning After By Writer Joseph Matthews and artist Ross Bampfylde


The Northern Lights By Writer Logan Makwana and artist Jerome Canty


The Outlaws Of Bannon-13 By Writer James Broadhurst and artist Lorenzo Nicoletta


The Ship By Writer Mike Morgan and artist Brett Buckle


The Tale Of The Tradesman By Writer Daniel Whiston and artist Mick Trimble


There Are None So Blind By Writer John Osborn and artist Barry Renshaw.