Rogue Trooper – Silent Night


Thanks to David and Scott for their work on this strip, and remember that this will shortly be available to read as a single pdf at The Daily Zarjaz.

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Now available – Zarjaz #35

Art by Jon Davis-Hunt.


As 2019 draws to a close, thrill-power pushes to new levels as Joe Pineapples takes the lead strip in Zarjaz 35. Alongside the A.B.C. Warrior and Judge Dredd we also present Rogue Trooper, Ro-Jaws and Bonjo from beyond the stars! All as well as the latest chapters in a Harlem Heroes epic!

48 pages for a mere £3.00.

Strips this issue:

ABC Warriors – Joe Pineapples – D1v0rc3 by writer Richmond Clements, artist Alex Paterson and letterer Bolt-01

Comic Rock – Standing Alone by writer Matt Sharp, artist Michael Walters and letterer Bolt-01

Harlem Heroes – Feat Of Clay chapters 03 & 04 by John Farrelly

Judge Dredd Vs The Slug by writer Dave Hailwood, artist Brett Burbridge and letterer Bolt-01

Rogue Trooper – A Foreign Field by writer Daniel Whiston, artist Michael Walters and letterer Bolt-01

Whatever Happened To… Bonjo by writer Matt Sharp, artist Ed Doyle and letterer Bolt-01


Review from The Imaginarium.

Zarjaz 29 & 30, back in stock!


In a shock reversal of the usual news, I’m here today to say that two recent issues of Zarjaz have come back into print!

Zarjaz 29 and 30 are both from 2017 and have been out of print for a little while. However, at the Lawless gig the other week I was asked by several customers when they would be able to pick up copies.

Needless to say I’m not one to miss out on the chance to satisfy my customers!

Buy both these issues and all the other issues of Zarjaz here!

No cheeky crowdfunding requests – these are all printed and waiting for you to order them.