New Covers! Zarjaz 38, Dogbreath 38 and FutureQuake 2020 Winter.

Available very soon (November 1st)

Zarjaz 38 – Kev Crossley

Zarjaz 38 features a cover by 2000 AD artdroid Kev Crossley and brings an all Dreddworld Issue containing a whopping 10 strips!

Dogbreath 38 by Kevan Maguire

Durham Red is the cover star of Dogbreath 38, a packed issue of Dogbreath containing 9 tales from the files of the GCC. Cover painting by Kevan Maguire

FutureQuake 2020 Winter by Kaydee Artistry.

FutureQuake 2020 Winter sees the team at FQP attempt to reset the year! This issue features 19 strips, all covered in a stunning image by Kaydee Artistry.

Dogbreath #37 – now on sale

Cover by Alex Paterson

Return to the irradiated future of the Strontium Dog! 7 new tales of Bounty-hunting featuring Johnny Alpha and friends. This issue comes with a special download celebrating the work of Nigel Dobbyn! All for only £3.00 from The Dogbreath Homepage

Inside this issue:

Strontium Dog – Escort Mission

writer: Matt Sharp artist: Duane Redhead letters: Bolt-01

Strontium Dog – Exclamation Mark

writer: Andrew Williamson artist: Brian Rankin letters: Bolt-01

Strontium Dog – Hound Of Bow Bell

writer: Matt Sharp artist: Brett Buckle letters: Bolt-01

Strontium Dogs – Meat Up

writer: Fraser artist: Scott Twells letters: Bolt-01

Strontium Dogs – Wars Is Hells

writer: Alan Holloway artist: Ed Doyle letters: Bolt-01

Strontium Dogs – What’s In A Name

writer: Matt Sharp artist: Sinclair Elliott letters: Bolt-01

The Adventures of Dogbreath the Dog – Wrecked

writer: Mark Howard artist: Steven Denton letters: Bolt-01

As well as all of this, this issue comes with a download of the complete  (for Zarjaz & Dogbreath) work of the late Nigel Dobbyn. Nigel is much missed here so this is something very close to our hearts(es).

In Memoriam – Nigel Dobbyn.

It’s with great sadness that I write these words. Nigel Dobbyn, artist of so many of my favourite things, has died.


Aged just 56, Nigel was a true hero to me. His work was and is one of the reasons I make comics, from his early work on Medivac 318 in 2000 AD to the most recent 28AR in Brawler, Nigel was always a treat to see work from.


I was lucky enough to meet Nigel many times over the years, and I was lucky enough to be able to present covers from him on four of our books, Dogbreath 17 & 24, Zarjaz 09, 17 and the 2016 summer special, a personal highlight of mine.


Nigel was also the first artist I actively sought out for a commission. His rendition of Kid Knee for me is a piece I will always treasure.


Nigel was generous with his time, and always a pleasure to spend time chatting and laughing with.

pink gronks
Nigels pencil rough for the cover of Dogbreath 17.

Thanks for reading and rest in peace Nigel, our thoughts are with your family on this most horrible of days.



Available now – Dogbreath 36!

Art by Colin MacNeil


The longest running 2000 AD fanzine is back again and demanding your attention. This issue, in addition to strips featuring Johnny Alpha and Durham Red we welcome the Kev Hopgood droid as he writes a thrilling Middenface McNulty tale and Leigh Shepherd reaches the last tales in his case-by-case review of the classic S/D run.

48 pages for a mere £3.00.


Strips this issue:

Durham Red – The Giza Job by writer Matt Sharp and artist Gail Nedry. Letters by Bolt-01

Middenface McNulty – McNulty’s Law by writer Kev Hopgood and artist Rich Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog – Back To Basics by writer Daniel Whiston and artist David Broughton. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s – Spud Murphy- One Patoot, Two Patoot by writer Mark Keenan and artist Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s – Weyland by writer David Fenn and artist Adam Caudill. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s – What Goes Around by writer Matt Sharp and artist Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01


Available from: The FQP Webshop


The imaginarium – Alan Holloway reviews DB36.

Down The Tubes – John Freeman reviews DB36.

Dogbreath 35- Now available.


Cover art by: Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens

The longest running 2000 AD fanzine celebrates its 35th issue with a stunning cover by Stewart Davies & Darren Stephens. Within the 48 pages there are nine strips set in the world of the Galactic Crime Commission as well a special tribute to the one and only Carlos Ezquerra. 48 pages for only £3.00



Middenface McNulty- Full House by writer Adam Breen and artist Leigh Shepherd. Letters by Leigh Shepherd


Strontium Dog- Family Matters by writer Richard Mcauliffe and artist Jack Davies. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog- Man of the Coth by writer Tom Proudfoot and artist Jared Souza. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- By the Numbers by writer Kerchow and artist Richard Waugh. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- Crims and Arias by writer Richard Mcauliffe and artist Filip Roncone. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- indestructible by writer David Fenn and artist Simon Bennett Hayes. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s- Recreation by writer Mark Howard and artist PL Woods. Letters by Bolt-01


Strontium Dog’s- Squirrel Tubes by writer Kerchow and artist Andy Lambert. Letters by Bolt-01



Strontium Dog’s- Thrown to the dogs by writer Matt Sharp and artist Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01

Available from: The FQP Webshop!


Down The Tubes

Thought Bubble 2018


Well, it is almost time for my favourite gig of the year, Thought Bubble!


As usual we’ll have a table heaving with the finest comics we have to offer, and the latest issues of FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Dogbreath and Zarjaz as well as a limited number of copies of the classic Neroy Sphinx collection.

Table from a couple of years back…

This year we are in the ‘Originals Marquee’ situated on Cookridge Street. We are at Table number 01, and we are next door to the lovely folk from Disconnected Press.


If you take a gander at the rather huge list of exhibitors you will notice that we are in pretty good company this year, so here’s hoping for a successful convention.


Remember, that many of the past winners of the 2000 AD writing and art competition have been published extensively in FQP books, so if you are wanting to see who is going to be a start next year, you need to be reading these books.


As usual the Gronk will be with me, ensuring that any and all medical emergencies are covered and remember that all sales that reach over £10 earth money will be able to choose from a selection of sketches that will be available (examples of which are over on the Instagram)


Drop by, say hi and treat yourself to the finest selection of Small Press comics around!

Dogbreath 33- Cover

As is tradition here at FQP, we try to get actual working droids to provide the covers to Zarjaz and Dogbreath. So it was a real treat to get to hassle former design droid, now upgraded to art droid, PYE PARR into working on the cover to the new Dogbreath (launching tomorrow)

Art by Pye Parr

FQP spoke to Pye at the astounding 40th birthday bash for 2000 AD and he was all too willing to get involved.

Within a couple of weeks we were sent:

Dogbreath cover

Which, I’m sure you’ll agree is full of all the movement you could want. Pye wanted to add more elements of the cast, but only managed to fully realise Middenface and the Gronk before finishing.

Massive thanks to Pye Parr for the superb image and as always to Tharg for letting us play with his toys.

The final cover will be available in all its glory tomorrow when Dogbreath 33 launches.

Futurequake 06 on Comixology

Continuing the program of releasing old comics on Comixology, we are proud to announce that FutureQuake 06 is now available.

Art By Stewart McKenny

FQ06 also features work by Arthur Wyatt, Keith Burns, Stewart McKenny, Gibson Quarter
& Mick Trimble among many others.
The link to the comixology edition is: FutureQuake 06