Competition Time!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a copy of the first issue of BEST OF 2000 AD – the Retailer Exclusive edition.

How do you win this copy of one of the most sought after exclusives? Simple – all you need is a copy of either Zarjaz 38 or Dogbreath 38.

To enter the competition all you need to do is identify the 38th piece of text in a strip in either issue.

Captions or spoken word – SFX do NOT count.

Note – just in case I’m not 100% clear, count each piece of text —

If a balloon is joined to present multiple pieces of text, count each one separately. Therefore there are 6 pieces of text in the example above.

Then simply email in to with the subject header of ‘BO2K Competition entry‘ and write either the line of dialogue or caption that is the 38th in that issue.

The competition is open till midnight November 30th, so as long as your email has a timestamp within that window you are good to enter.

Finally – please note that this is not an official Rebellion competition, it is solely the responsibility of team FQP and my decision is final. Good luck all of you.

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