Kickstarter – KILLING MOON


Over on that there Kickstarter, Killing Moon has just been launched as a collected edition.

Killing Moon? What’s that? Well, dear reader let me take you back in time to around 2015-2016. I was contacted by Neil ‘Bhuna’ Roche to see if I’d be interested in helping him get a passion project of his off the drawing board and into print! He wanted me to letter his pages for Killing Moon.

The Kickstarter page has Neil’s version of events, but suffice to say that several years later, there were four completed issues of the book- and now a collected edition with lots of lovely extras.

I’m very pleased to say that the Kickstarterwas very successful, in fact it was funded within 24 hours, but I’d heartily recommend you getting a copy of this while you can. Fingers crossed this is just the first volume of something special.


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