FQP 2018-2019 Quarter 3 Digital income…

Digital Funds- payments.


FutureQuake Press on comiXology

This is primarily for all of those of you out there who have contributed to FQP over the years, and specifically all of those whose work is available via the comiXology platform  or the ComicHaus platform


Comichaus Link

Back when we first decided to put FutureQuake and Something Wicked out digitally the decision was made that all funds returned would be split between the creators involved. The exact mechanism goes something like this:
• A comic is sold digitally- by whatever means and eventually the funds for that sale turn up in the FQP bank.
• The funds are divided down between the total page count of the comic to get a price per page.
• That is then divided equally between writer, artist and letterer (there are niggles around this that are dealt with as they arise but that is the general gist of it). FQP do not get a share of this.
• Finally this price per page is multiplied by the number of pages in the strip and voila- I can broadly calculate the payments required to each contributor for an issue.
So, catching up there is now an actual sum of funds in the FQP account that is to be shared between the creators for all comics available digitally at the end of December 2018. It is not a vast sum, so please do not think you will be able to live a lavish lifestyle on the proceeds, but the funds are there.

I am keeping a watch on the individual payment amounts due by calculating what some of the more prolific creators would be due. An example of this is:

Bolt-01 is currently due 1.68 gbp for artwork in the issues on sale.

Other creators are due more but to the best of my awareness there is not a single creator with a payment due of more than 3.00 gbp. If that amount approached 10.00 gbp I would seek that creator out in order to make a payment via Paypal.

If any of you reading want me to check what you are due, please get in touch and I will let you know what I owe you and we can take it from there.

When we get further payments I’ll post updated versions of this with a revised estimated payment so creators can decide if they want to contact me.

Thanks for reading all of this, I hope it made some sense to you and thanks again for working with FQP.

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