Good Cop Bad Cop

Cover art by Alex Ronald

Long time readers may well recall the series of comics published by ‘Planet Jimbot’. Among them was Good Cop Bad Cop- written by Jim Alexander, which won a fair few awards for its first collection, returned for a second bout then all went quiet.

I asked around after Jim and was told he’d gone off to write books! Like you do.

Fast forward to this morning and what do I find in my inbox but the promo for Jim’s first book- and it is  a return to the world of Good Cop Bad Cop so fingers crossed this will be as good as the comics.

Here’s Jim’s promo text:

GoodCopBadCop is a crime novel with a twist. It is a modern crime take on Jekyll and Hyde where both ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ are the same person. This is not a story about a good man turned bad, or a bad man turned good.  Both good and bad arrived at the same time.

GoodCopBadCop was originally released as a Graphic Novel, which went on to win the True Believers Comics Awards. The novel delves deeper into the psychological trappings, black humour and surrealist overtones that made the title such a hit with readers. It really gets into the gut(s) and mind(s) of the main character.

Jim Alexander is an award-winning writer who has worked for TV (Metal Hurlant Chronicles) and for DC (Batman 80-Page Giant, Birds of Prey) and Marvel (Uncanny Origins, Spectacular Spider-Man). GoodCopBadCop is his debut novel.

Book is available far and wide. Some links to follow:


Amazon (print & digital)

Blackwell’s (print)

Kobo (digital)



Amazon (print & digital)

Barnes & Noble (print & digital)

Kobo (digital)

Good luck with the new venture Jim.

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