Thought Bubble 2018


Well, it is almost time for my favourite gig of the year, Thought Bubble!


As usual we’ll have a table heaving with the finest comics we have to offer, and the latest issues of FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Dogbreath and Zarjaz as well as a limited number of copies of the classic Neroy Sphinx collection.

Table from a couple of years back…

This year we are in the ‘Originals Marquee’ situated on Cookridge Street. We are at Table number 01, and we are next door to the lovely folk from Disconnected Press.


If you take a gander at the rather huge list of exhibitors you will notice that we are in pretty good company this year, so here’s hoping for a successful convention.


Remember, that many of the past winners of the 2000 AD writing and art competition have been published extensively in FQP books, so if you are wanting to see who is going to be a start next year, you need to be reading these books.


As usual the Gronk will be with me, ensuring that any and all medical emergencies are covered and remember that all sales that reach over £10 earth money will be able to choose from a selection of sketches that will be available (examples of which are over on the Instagram)


Drop by, say hi and treat yourself to the finest selection of Small Press comics around!

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