FQP- January 2018 update

Not going to beat around the bush- had a bit of a rough time of late. My trusty (*sob*) refurbished HP laptop that I’ve been using to make comics on for the last four years died and I’ve been scrabbling around trying to source the funding for a replacement.

The last pages completed by the old machine were in fact the first pages received for the second volume of Neroy Sphinx.

I’ve now gotten a new (old-refurbished) laptop (managed to stick with HP and windows 7) but it’s going to be a few days while I get set to make comics. The new laptop doesn’t have a disk drive so I’ve been sorting ways to transfer install disks for things over to my external Hard Drive.

I’ve been lucky in that all the actual comic files are not stored on the laptop, but instead on the external hard drive so I’ve not lost any actual data.

The comics are all moving forward – with Zarjaz 30 now moving to the top of the pile as I plan to have it on sale in March. I got the cover art earlier this week and I just had to ask if I could buy it. When you see the cover you’ll know why- it is a beauty!

Next up is wrestling with the install files for my ancient but still perfectly serviceable copies of Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 to see if I can get them working.

Fingers crossed I’ll have some actual comics work done soon!

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