Thought Bubble 2017


This weekend sees the return of my favourite gig of the year (sorry everyone else) Thought Bubble! Two days of pure comics goodness, and many of the friends we’ve made along the way will be there too, from The Pychedelic Journal to Disconnected Press and even Killing Moon. Of course The Mighty One himself has dispatched hordes of droids from the nerve centre of 2000 AD and for many they are the highlight of the weekend.

FQP has always done well at this gig, and it has seen many a Small Press creator make the leap to fully fledged droid by entering the 2000 AD competitions. Good luck to all those who enter this year!

We will have the latest issues of all the FQP titles, including the brand new Something Wicked, making its print debut. We are also pleased to be hosting a select few issues of Massacre For Boys- so if you want a copy of one of those- drop by asap. They are few in number, but high in quality.

Finally- remember that all sales over £10.00 can claim one of my doodles- as seen on the Instagram, or I’ll draw one specifically for you!

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