Something Wicked 2017

Art by Dan Cornwell

Can you feel it? The season has changed, the nights are drawing closer and there is a chill in the air. Time to hunker down and read the latest collection of tales from Something Wicked. In the latest issue among the strips we visit with demons, take a leisurely stroll in the woods, and then, following a major morning after the night before we discover that some things shouldn’t be on social media. And we even have a cover by rising Star Dan Cornwell to top it all off.

All for only £6.50 from the FQP Webshop.


Strips this issue:



Aokigahara by writer Travis Stunt and artist Luigi Criscuolo



The cover strip- Dark Net by writer Jimmy Furlong and artist Andrew Hartmann


He calls you home by writer Roddy McCance Sharp and artist Denis Vermesse



Hurt by writer Matt Sharp and artist Aileen Oracion


Jotun Fury by writer Karl Brandt and artist David Parsons.



One Hell of a night by writer Chris Redfern and artist Johnathan Scott.



Regular Deposits by writer Dave Wednesday and artist Kristian Carstensen



Sky Burial by writer Alec Robertson and artist Brian Corcoran



St@lked by writer Umar Ditta and artist Daniel Bell



Stupid Fuzzy Thing by writer Steven Fraser and artist Brian Rankin



The Civilised Hunt by writer Dan McKee and artist Carlos Angeli




The Coffin by writer Jason Brawn and artist David Spickett



The Cottage In The Woods by writer Alec Robertson and artist Rui Mendes



The Runaway by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Mattia Marini



The Void Of by writer Rodd McCance and artist Denis Vermesse.


This issue will be physically available shortly and the first public outing will be at Thought Bubble on September 23rd.

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